Extreme mechanical series double cone rotary vacuum dryer Detailed
   Bipyramid rotation vacuum dryer manufactured by the Changzhou Supreme Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new set of mixed dry in one dryer. Condensers, vacuum pumps and dryer facilities, to form a vacuum drying device, and connected to the thermal energy (such as hot water, low pressure steam or hot oil) in a sealed sandwich heat through the inner shell pass was dry material in the Power Drive slow rotation, tanks, tank materials mixed so as to achieve the purpose of reinforced drying. Advanced aircraft design, the internal structure is simple, easy cleaning, the material to discharge all, easy to operate. Can reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment. Materials due to the container itself, rotation rotation and the wall of the plot material, and therefore a higher heat transfer coefficient, drying rate, not only saving energy, and materials can be dried evenly full, good quality. Can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dyes and other materials dry. Comply with the requirements of the drug management practices "GMP".
  Double cone rotary vacuum dryer, double cone rotating tank, the tank under vacuum jacket into the steam or hot water heating, exposure to heat through the tank wall and the wet material, after evaporation of damp raw material absorbed water vapor through the vacuum pump can be pumped out by the vacuum exhaust pipe. Tank body material in the vacuum state, the rotation of the tank material constant up and down the inside and outside the flip, and vapor pressure to drop the material surface of the water (solvent) to reach saturation but evaporated by the vacuum pump to discharge recovery. Materials within the water (solvent) continue to penetrate to the surface, evaporation, discharge, three processes are ongoing, it accelerated the drying speed of the material to improve the drying efficiency, the material in a very short period of time to achieve uniform drying purposes.
  The Changzhou Extreme Machinery Co., Ltd. production of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer using indirect heating method, the materials are not contaminated with "GMP" requirements. Particularly suitable for the easily oxidized, volatile, heat-sensitive, strongly stimulate toxic and does not allow destruction of crystalline materials dry, thermal efficiency than normal oven improve more than 2 times.
  1, reasonable design, easy installation, can adapt to various conditions resettlement.
  2, the container rotation speed can be adjusted with continuous protection device.
  3, high thermal efficiency, increased by more than 2 times than the average oven;
  4, flexible materials and eventually became a water regulation
  5, in the vacuum low-temperature environment to complete the drying process, the material will not be contaminated, in line with medical GMP standard,
  6, the high degree of automation and continuous production, and for heat-sensitive materials.
  Range of applications
  Double cone rotary vacuum dryer is mainly used for medicine, chemical industry, food industry, powdered, granular and fibrous materials, enrichment, mixing, drying, and the need for low-temperature drying of materials (such as biochemical products, etc.), is more easily oxidized, volatile, the thermosensitive strong stimulus, toxic materials, and not permitted to destroy the crystals to dry raw materials.
  A recovery of residue material;
  2, the exhaust steam in the recovery of dry materials;
  3, a strong stimulus, toxic materials;
  4, can not withstand high temperature materials;
  5, easily oxidized materials;
  6, the crystal does not allow the destruction of the material.
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