Double cone rotary vacuum dryer PK microwave vacuum dryer
   To microwave vacuum dryer performance
  Microwave vacuum dryer microwave energy techniques and vacuum techniques combined a new type of microwave energy using equipment, both the microwave and vacuum drying range of strengths, to overcome the practice of vacuum drying cycle, low efficiency problems in the general material the drying process, the comparable practice methods to improve work efficiency 4 to 10 times. Drying high yield, good quality, low processing capital strengths, Microwave Vacuum Dryer is a set of electronics, vacuum science, mechanics, thermodynamics, programmed learning and other subjects for one of the high skill products, during the drying process on the basis of the physical change of the material, internal and external heat and mass transfer and moisture migration process under vacuum conditions deep into the study, developed a new techniques and new technology. Large-scale production in industry, many items can not be dried in high temperature conditions, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, nutritional food, as well as ginseng, deer horn and other senior Chinese herbal medicine, in order to ensure the product volume, dry processing necessary below 100 ° C or room temperature conditions, as we all know the pressure drops, the boiling point of water is also decreased, such as the boiling point of water is 100 ° C under an atmospheric pressure (101.3kpa), 0.073 atm (7.37kpa), water The boiling point is 40 ℃. Under vacuum, heated objects enable objects internal water evaporation in the state of no warming. Air under vacuum difficult to spread heat, and only attached to the method of heat conduction to supply heat to the material. Practice of vacuum drying method of heat transfer is slow, inefficient and difficult and temperature moderation. Microwave heating is a radiant heating, a direct effect of the microwave and materials, to make it inside is heated at the same time, no need to transfer heat by convection or conduction, heating speed, high drying efficiency, temperature moderation easily.
  Developed countries in the 1980s has been the beginning of the development of the industry of microwave vacuum dryer, and made good in the actual utilization of the consequences. French International Microwave processing seedless raisins microwave vacuum dryer, the traditional craft of 65 ° C, 24-hour hot air drying into a 50 ° C, 5 hours of microwave vacuum drying, the product and yields are greatly enhanced. The late 1990s my unit first in China to start R & D microwave vacuum equipment, through years of hard work, ○ ○ ○ industrialization 10KW microwave vacuum dryer developed. Pharmaceutical engineering, biological engineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering, and deep processing of agricultural supply a new, efficient drying equipment.
  The strengths of the microwave vacuum dryer
  1, efficient
  Vacuum drying equipment practice the use of steam for heating, heating from the inside out, the heating is slow takes a large number of coal, the microwave vacuum dryer using electromagnetic heating, no heat transfer media, direct heating inside the object. heating rate of 1 kilowatt microwave energy within 3-5 minutes at room temperature of water heated to 100 ° C, to avoid the above problems, so fast, high efficiency, greatly reducing the drying cycle, energy consumption decreased. Drying techniques and practices can improve the ergonomics more than four times.
  2, uniform heating
  Microwave heating of materials from the inside out while heating, the temperature difference between inside and outside of the material is very small, will not produce an inconsistent state of the internal and external heating render the practice of heating, resulting in puffing consequences, which will help smash, so that drying greatly improved the quality .
  3, easy to control, facilitate the sustainable production and realization of the initiative of transfers and non-inertial characteristics of the microwave power can be quickly, easy real-time moderation, you can arbitrarily adjust the temperature between 40 ℃ -100 ℃.
  4, prepared by the small size, easy installation and maintenance
  5, product volume, compared with the convention method, the amount of processed products Germany has dramatically increased.
  , Microwave disinfection, sterilization efficacy, product safety and health. Long shelf life.
  7, the obvious economic benefits.
  From above the first volume of the characteristics of energy conservation, energy, improve product volume, safety and health, low investment in equipment and capital aspects can be seen its obvious economic and social benefits.
  Double cone rotary vacuum dryer performance characteristics
  The double cone rotary vacuum dryer is the early 1980s, the successful development of a heat conduction type drying equipment, work in a vacuum. Energy saving, high efficiency, shorten the operation time, reduce labor intensity, reduce losses and debris mixed, and can obtain high purity products, equipment. Double cone dryer, have serialization of products commonly used in the volume of 500L, 1000L, 1500L. Commonly used materials are stainless steel and glass-lined in recent years, the dryer is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.
  This dryer is a symmetrical cone type container jacket rotation, and the help of internal riser or cone itself inclined to constantly flip, mixing, into the steam or heat carrier through the swivel joint from one side of the hollow axis of rotation, dry the top of the machine equipped with the exhaust pipe of the filter, this exhaust gas pipe from the other end of the shaft center. Side to maintain its vacuum side of the use of indirect radiant heating to dry.
  Such achieve a high degree of vacuum in the drying function, the internal structure is simple, easy cleaning, the material to discharge all. In addition, because the container itself rotary wall on the plot material, and therefore a higher heat transfer coefficient. Compared with the partition type drying time is short compared with the stirred materials wear, can get quality products. Feed the filling rate of 30% -50% of the full volume of the dryer as appropriate, will be great changes before and after drying volume, turn the material in the rotary dryer dust to enter the exhaust off, so The curved part of the exhaust pipe and the exhaust pipe to the outside structure should be easy to clean. Material particles do not have broken the conditions mainly as further drying, while biconical transition back to more appropriate.
  Characteristics of double cone rotary vacuum dryer:
  (1) double cone rotary vacuum dryer for powder and granular material to dry (NA stick-like, pasty materials such as dry).
  (2) feed moisture content of about 15%. Generally from the centrifuge dewatering, the wet powder directly into the dryer. If caking available powder machine crushed after drying.
  (3) of the dryer can be used to dry water or water of crystallization, and solvent based materials. And the solvent can be recycled, not only save and secure.
  (4) The drying machine is especially suitable for drying heat sensitive materials. Because the jacket in addition to steam heating, hot water heating, can also be used cold water to cool. Vacuum dryer, vacuum, temperature, drying time can also be adjusted according to process requirements.
  (5) The machine is suitable for the stringent requirements of materials on the crystal shape. Because dryer is stainless steel or glass-lined. Smooth inner wall speed 4-6r/min the materials, there is no impact between the material crystal diamond regulation trace movement will not damage the ball crystal shape.
  (6) of the dryer to dry powder body heat evenly. You can get the material moisture content below 0.5% -0.1%. Before and after drying the same color grade, other quality indicators are stable.
  (7) aircraft material is dry, the jacket you want to pass the cooling water is cooled to room temperature the material. The mixed materials can also be used to replace the mixer.
  The double cone vacuum rotary dryer has its own unique use of advantages in its use we pay attention to what issues?
  A double cone rotary vacuum dryer, items such as wet, the best join between the vacuum tank and vacuum pump filters, to prevent the wet gas into the vacuum, causing the vacuum pump failure.
  Two vacuum double cone rotary vacuum dryer machine in the relative humidity ≤ 85% RH, no corrosion around the vacuum dryer sexual gas, no strong vibration source and the existence of a strong electromagnetic field environment.
  (3) double cone vacuum rotary dryer after repeated use, it will produce not vacuum phenomenon, and you should replace the door seals or adjust the box on the door buckle stretched distance. Bipyramid rotation vacuum dryer temperature of the vacuum chamber is higher than 200 ° C, will produce a slow air leaks (except for 6050,6050 B, 6051,6053 outside), then open the box to double cone rotary vacuum dryer behind cover Allen wrench loosen the heater base, the exchange ring, or tighten the heater base.
  The vacuum pump can not be a long time work, you should close the vacuum valve, so when the vacuum degree of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer items, and then turn off the vacuum pump power until the vacuum is less than the requirements of the double cone vacuum rotary dryer items, and then Open the vacuum valve and vacuum pump power, continue to vacuum, and this may be extended to the vacuum pump service life.
  Double cone rotary vacuum dryer items such as double cone rotary vacuum dryer changed after light weight, small size (small particles), the vacuum in the working chamber members plus the deadening network, to prevent double cone rotary vacuum The dryer inhalation damage to the vacuum pump (or solenoid valve).
  In addition to maintenance, you can not open the left side of the dryer bipyramid true rotary empty box cover (6090 and 6210) in order to avoid damage to the electrical control system.
  7 vacuum double cone rotary vacuum dryer machine should be kept clean. The door glass should not respond to a chemical solution to clean, the application of soft cotton cloth.
  If the vacuum double cone vacuum rotary dryer machine unused for long periods, exposed plating wipe painted with neutral grease, to prevent corrosion, and wear a dust cover of plastic film, placed in the double cone rotary vacuum drying machine indoors, to prevent electrical components from moisture damage, affect the use.
  Bipyramid really Rotary empty dryer studio explosion-proof, anti-corrosion treatment, shall put Yi Ran, explosive, easy to produce corrosive gases items bipyramid rotation vacuum dryer.
  More than the existing use of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer safety precautions problem, there are tips on our bipyramid rotation vacuum dryer must understand!
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