Double cone rotary vacuum dryer operating procedures and maintenance
   Double cone rotary vacuum dryer will dry material placed in a vacuum state, by indirect heat drying vessel jacket heating medium, the material to achieve the purpose of drying.
  Overall three-dimensional container of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer during the drying process slowly rotating, constantly turning the dry materials update the dry surface to accelerate the evaporation of the liquid contained dry material, and through the vacuum pump suction container, if the discharge of the liquid to be recovered can be plus recovery to be recycled. Rotating the container as a whole has a positive reversal, and may change from time to time to take full advantage of the whole heat transfer area of ??the container to improve the drying efficiency. The following is a description of the specific operating procedures of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer, including the start of the safety checks before the machine, the drying process in a variety of precautions, and turn off the machine after some maintenance!
  Double cone rotary vacuum dryer's operating procedures
  You drive, check:
  a, open the vacuum pump to check pipe connections, stuffing box for leaks into the discharge port seal is good, the vacuum gauge is sensitive response.
  b, open the cooling water valve to check the heat carrier pipe joints, stuffing box for leaks, pressure gauge is sensitive response.
  c, control cabinet to check each instrument, the button, the light is normal, check the ground wire is good, with or without leakage, short circuit exists.
  d, in all the arms are filled with grease, starter motor empty running, listening to the noise is normal, if not normal, you should check out the source of the noise, and be excluded.
  2, will need to dry material added to the double cone rotary vacuum dryer container (powder, fine granular, pasty material by vacuum feed), and then close the feed manhole covers.
  3, row vacuum valve is closed, open the vacuum pump, dry container negative pressure (600-755mmHg).
  4, on the power switch to start the motor, the work of push-button is pressed, the dryer begins to rotate.
  5, open the valve of the heat carrier, the heat carrier into dry container mezzanine, experience measured according to process requirements.
  6, the dry material to complete, close the valve of the heat carrier, then injected into the cooling water within the sandwich until the material is cooled to room temperature, stop the vacuum. The vacuum valve open row, power off hunger, stop the dryer rotation to open the manhole covers out of the material.
  Maintenance of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer
  A residue after dry container should be clean, keep the machine clean and tidy filter is often removal of cleaning, to ensure the smooth flow of the filter and vacuum.
  2, the bearing is frequently coated composite calcium-based grease, worm reducer confidential regular oil maintenance.
  3, the control cabinet with the host ground line at any time to maintain a good, no leakage phenomenon.
  Often adjust the drive belt tension, the chain tightness in the normal state.
  Regular checks regularly test the vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, ammeter, voltmeter, so that a variety of instruments, the instrument is in normal working condition.
  6, always check the connection to the motor, worm reducer, pulley, sprocket, bearing, etc., so keep the fastening state.
  Particular emphasis on: the material in the drying process, the personal safety of operating personnel must pay attention to, to cut off all the potential pitfalls in the use of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer!
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