Channel mixer applicable industry and Handling Precautions
   The scope of application of a channel mixer
  The channel mixer is a horizontal trough single slurry mixer is mainly used for mixing pasty material, different material mixed in the mixing process does not produce the dissolution, volatilization or deterioration of materials. Does not apply to the mixed liquid or viscosity of the materials. Powder, granular materials can use the channel mixer mixing channel mixer suitable for wet powder mixture, mixing time if the material is fully dry add a little water.
  Medicine: Capsule particles, Chinese medicine, condiments, powdery or granular Chinese herbal medicine such as mixed.
  Feed: You can use the feed on a variety of fisheries, channel mixer poultry feed, wild animal feed, flying birds feed on a variety of feed mixed.
  Food: spices, additives, vitamins, and so on.
  A mixture of fuel: all kinds of firecrackers, fireworks and other raw materials.
  Ore: a mixture of various powdery or granular ore.
  Second, the operation, select trough mixer Notes:
  A. Reason in accordance with the channel mixer work for stirring a mixture of the double helix with the ability to push the material in the opposite goal is the foundation of the same. Inner spiral with the pitch should be less than the outer spiral bands, to achieve the ability to push material consistent inner spiral with the pitch should be less than the outer spiral band, the width should be larger than the outer spiral band, or make the material to a target concentrated. So, select the channel mixer to note this.
  Two. Truth by design, channel mixer, spiral band and the gap between the shell that 4 mm to 10 mm, the material can be mixed friction mobilize all joined. But because the destruction of particle size and material of the friction coefficient is not the same, so make the various components of the material added to a mixture of the same, resulting in the heterogeneity of the product. Some manufacturers have been aware of this and the product has been improved. One is to monitor the machining accuracy, the end gap was reduced to 1 mm to 2 mm; another is between the spindle and the shell made of the situation of the position adjustable, according to the amount of wear can often adjust the spiral belt between the shell the gap. Select the channel mixer, the product of these two situations should be the best choice.
  3. Use the channel mixer to pay attention to the order of feeding. Usually the first to vote aniseed, jade, rice flour, soybean powder, and then cast the group sub-material, such as premix. Pay attention to the premix will certainly not need to spiral promotion feeding, application of a one-time tipping bucket feeding or artificial feeding, and so avoid premixed guess the segregation loss of active ingredient.
  4. Select the channel mixer to pay attention to the cutting method. Should choose the large door of the situation, do not choose the side of the mouth or the small opening at the bottom of the discharge situation. The reason is: mixer in regulation time to complete mixing within the shortest possible time once put clear commitment to the material uniformity; such as the opening side of the mouth or bottom of a small spiral with successively put the net, one delay time to reach expected to produce rates, material already to achieve the best uniformity, excessive mixing would bring material segregation, destroyed the uniformity, which dashed the significance of selection of the channel mixer.
  5 Use the channel mixer, should start in the mixer and then batch by batch feeding. Mixed-ended discharge and do not stop, the net material and then mixed batch. If the full load and then start, will cause the power away from too much burning motor.
  6. Follow the daily yield to select the horizontal channel mixer. Mixer each batch of material and processing time of about six minutes, plus materials and feed processing time of each batch of material can be 10 minutes, one hour can be processed six batches of material. If you choose each batch processing capacity of 100 kg, channel mixer, then the process 600 kg per hour. The user can select the channel mixer in accordance with the needs of self.
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