Feed production, how to properly select the mixer?
Modern feed production, feed quality problems have been more and more attention has been paid. The mixed feed products is an important indicator to reflect the quality of feed processing, but also evaluation of one of the main parameters of the mixer mixed performance. With established feed quality standards in our country, have the finished mixed feed as an important test item, and to develop a standardized testing method. Therefore, regardless of production of compound feed or pre-mixed feed ingredients mixing section in the system is the important Section of the feed mill, which mixer performance with the use of effects, directly determines the feed mill production efficiency and product quality. Factors affecting the mixing effect is multifaceted, but the selection of equipment is concerned, by the impact of the model and the mixing time. Domestic feed production is still on a regular leaf with horizontal spiral mixer, this mixer mixing a longer period, mixed to achieve CV <7%, the mixing time of at least 3-6min, of course, the mixing time length of the mixed nature of the materials.
  Recent years; With the rapid development of electronic technology of high-performance computer batching scales, batching cycle has been gradually shortened to about 2min, and continue to shorten. Complete feed processing equipment, feed mill, the ideal should be equal or close to the production cycle of the groove mixer and batching scales, so as to ensure the ingredients mixed system is the ratio of accurate, high mixing quality and normal operation, so that a complete set of unit production efficiency to achieve the best state, in order to effectively increase production, reduce production costs. From this point of view, the routine use of the leaves with horizontal spiral mixer with increasingly sophisticated computer batching scale with the use of this important part of the feed mill ingredients mixed significantly hindered the increase in productivity.
  The mixer is the use of mechanical force and gravity, two or more materials uniformly mixed mechanical mixing machinery is widely used in various industrial and daily life.
  Mixer can be a variety of materials with a uniform mixture, such as cement, sand, gravel and water mixed into the wet concrete and other materials; can also increase the surface area of ??material contact, groove mixer to promote chemical reactions; also able to accelerate the physical changes , such as granular solute in a solvent, can accelerate the dissolution of the role of mixed mechanical mixing.
  There are also horizontal coulter mixer, although the aircraft mixed higher, but longer mixing time, which normally takes 4-6M5n residues easily lead to cross-contamination between each batch, the impact of feed quality . In addition to the horizontal mixer, as well as part of the feed mill use vertical mixers, main vertical double helical ribbon mixer and cantilevered asymmetric double helix mixer. The former is a vertical spindle is equipped with two interleaved spiral, rotary screw with the material in the mixing chamber along the conical wall bottom-up circle move or toss. It is mixed up to 7% of the CV poison, at least more than 5min. The latter two spiral of different lengths, different center distance, without support at the bottom of two hanging hack rely on the automatic centering materials, no swing, with its mixed, although they can reach higher mixed, but the mixing time than required more than 10min in order to achieve good mixing effect.
  With the improvement with the feed quality and recipe development to more scientific direction, especially additive premix feed production, the larger proportion of different particle size differences in materials, such as trace element additives, minerals, drugs, etc., are in the mixer uniformly mixed with other materials.
  The mixing equipment, and some mixed low, can only produce generally mixed feed, can not produce additive premix; some are able to achieve a higher mixed, but the mixed cycle, low production efficiency. SSHJ Series Biaxial blades efficient mixers use a new hybrid mechanism can solve the above problems. Aircraft the use of instant weight loss principle, so that the material in the body by the mechanical action to produce a full range of combined cycle, widely staggered no dead ends, so as to achieve uniform diffusive mixing. The rotor blades driven by material counterclockwise rotation along the inner wall of the slot machine at the same time, also led to material about turning overlap at the two rotor, so that the material in the instantaneous state of weightlessness, the formation of a continuous cycle of a full range of material in the body flip, cross-cutting shear, to achieve rapid and uniform mixing.
  Gentle mixing process; not produce segregation, and will not damage the original physical state of the material. Is the current, mixed models. Compared with other models, the model has a mixed ability, high precision, speed, residual small, low energy consumption, applicable to a wide range of features, without the machine mixed material specific gravity, particle size and shape of powder ratio of small to 1:10000, or liquid, add up to 20%, to ensure uniform mixing, its tons of material energy consumption is lower than the trough mixer%, the mixing coefficient of variation CV < 5%, the best up to 3% of each batch mixing time 30-120S, the loading amount of variable range, and significantly shorten the mixing cycle, improve production efficiency.
  Discharge hopper to open the door structure, the rapid discharge residue s discharge door seal reliable, seamless material phenomenon s discharge control can be pneumatic or electric two forms. The machine contains liquid pipe can be added to the oils, molasses and other liquids, to meet the needs of the production of feed. The model material, carbon steel or stainless steel, its reasonable structure can start at full capacity for a wide range, the aircraft has been put on the market, to show its superior performance in the feed, food, food, chemical and other industries, the majority of users of all ages.
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