Groove Mixer and Mixer some different?
Brief Groove Mixer Features:
  A groove mixer for mixing powder or paste materials, uniform mixing of materials of different quality, which is characterized by a horizontal groove single slurry mixed, stirring the slurry for the active type, easy to clean. Contact with the material made of stainless steel, good corrosion resistance;
  The mixing tank can freely flip down material, the mixing time can also be automatically controlled;
  Outside the of CH200 machine characteristics, 3.CH200A Groove Mixer In addition, the periphery of the whole covered by stainless steel, easier cleaning and maintenance. Line with the GMP requirements for pharmaceutical production;
  4 channel mixer with a compact, simple to operate, beautiful appearance, small footprint, clean, good mixing effect and so on;
  The mixer unit by mechanical rotation, the S-type impeller rotation, promote material back and forth turning, mixing, electrical control operation, the mixing time can be set to automatically shut down, thereby increasing the mixed quality of each batch of material.
  The channel mixer is widely used in the dry powder blend of the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics and other industries. Channel mixer with material contact points are made of stainless steel blades and barrels are a small gap, mixed dead ends, stirring shaft at both ends has a sealing device to prevent the material outside diarrhea, hopper button to move the control, easy discharge particularly applicable to the uniform requirements, the proportion of poor materials, large material mixed.
  Channel mixer operating specifications and maintenance methods
  Check the equipment before the use of worm bearing shaft seal part is rotating flexible and wear found defects repaired in time before use
  The stirrer assembly and disassembly, assembly and disassembly intermediate connection nut should use a special tool must not knock the collision, so as not to damage the parts, stirring the slurry to remove the Press should pay attention to a smooth, not hard knock hit, so as not to engage in the bend axis.
  Operation For shovel scraping groove wall materials, application of bamboo tool, must not be hand to avoid hand injury accidents.
  4 found in the use of the machine vibration anomalies that unusual of a strange sound, should immediately stop check.
  . Stirrer assembly and disassembly when light demolition stable mounted light, so as not to change the type of damage.
  Equipment you are finished using every day to clean clean, Cayou.
  V-type mixer can be used to good liquidity dry powder or granular materials uniform mixing, and volatilization or deterioration of materials dissolved in the mixing process does not produce. Aircraft than the average mixer, high mixing efficiency, easier operation. The unique structure of the mixing tube, high efficiency mixing, no dead ends, the cylinder made of stainless steel, inside and outside wall polishing, beautiful appearance, uniform mixing, versatile, meet the GMP standard.
  Working principle
  The V-shaped barrel is composed by two cylindrical containers into a V-shaped welding, the shape of the container relative to the axis asymmetric. Rotary motion, the powder particles in the tilt cylinder, continuous iterative, split, merge; material at random from a transitive V-shaped to another area of ??powder particles slip spatial multiple stacking , the particle distribution is broken on the new surface, so that repeated the proliferation of sports, so as to achieve the mixed purpose.
  V-type mixer for uniform mixing of good liquidity dry powder or granular materials for medicine, food, feed, fertilizer, fuel, minerals and other industries.
  Medicine: Capsule particles, Chinese medicine, condiments, powdery or granular Chinese herbal medicine such as mixed.
  Feed: a variety of fisheries with the feed, poultry feed, wild animal feed, flying birds feed on a variety of feed mixed.
  Food: spices, additives, vitamins, and so on.
  A mixture of fuel: all kinds of firecrackers, fireworks and other raw materials.
  Ore: a mixture of various powdery or granular ore.
  Mixer 1, check the machine: equipment check before work: (1) check whether the foreign body, the inner wall of the hopper is dry.
  Preparation: ready a mixture of various materials (Remember: the material must be dry), where the material is not dry and forego the use of this model mixer can be used my factory groove mixer, or using the oven drying dry and then this machine to operate.
  3, into the material: material fed from the feed inlet, the mixing capacity of not more than 40% of the total capacity, and then tighten the feed inlet cover.
  4, mixed: Turn on power switch, start mixing material.
  5, the material: put in the bottom of the discharge port of loading container, open the discharge port cover until the exhausted material in the hopper.
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