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Rock particles machine Introduction:
  Particle machine can be made of mixed powder-like particles, can also be lumps of dry material to be crushed into the desired particle. Apply to small batch production of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, scientific research institutes, laboratories, hospitals, small health care products factory.
  Rock particles, machine parameters:
  Drum diameter: 60mm
  Roller effective length: 184mm
  Inlet size: 210 〜 240mm
  Production capacity: 20-30kg / h
  Tilting movement: 360 <
  Hob speed: 46r/min
  Power: 0.55Kw
  Voltage: 220V
  Dimensions: 460 〜 550 〜 570mm
  Weight: 70kg
  Use of
  1, rock particles, the machine is a rotating cylinder swing role, through the sieve, can be wet powder materials and research into the particles, but also widely used as crushed pieces have been pressure to become a ready-made particles.
  2, in chemicals as a mixture of powder and research into particles, after drying for the suppression of tablets, they can smash and cemented blocks during storage, or chemical process to form the block in pieces. In the food industry for processing candy, and mixtures and malt milk and other products. Forming particles in other industries such as ceramics, plastics and other mixture.
  3, it is not suitable for solid, liquid, paste or grated for use.
  4 mesh sieve mesh number of requirements should be based on particle size, owned by the user.
  Construct description
  1, the body is an independent rectangular, bearing frame, gear box, the base-Big Three. Feeding powder bucket and bearing connection, stretch machine, the base front-end design to reach out, with broad and smooth, so do not need to install, any place indoor use.
  , Particle manufacturing apparatus: the rotating drum lying devices in the hopper below, front and rear bearing supports by rack drive, for inverted rotation. Front end bearing is movable, when disassembly, unscrew the three screws, the first bearing and the rotating drum can turn out. The two ends of the rotating drum symmetric convex coupling, without the inverted restrictions, easy assembly and disassembly.
  3, folder sieve tube: device on both sides of the rotary drum, steel pipe manufacturing, in the middle to open a long trough, both ends of the screen mesh embedded in the tank, turn the hand wheel will screen wrapped in a cylindrical rotating drum, hand round within the block thorn round shore and tightness can be adjusted.
  Gearbox: worm gear speed ratio of 1:30, the box can be stored machine did not, to ensure good lubrication of the gear lever, gear and worm gear to pay and no noise, the worm outer end fitted with eccentric lever to drive the gear lever for reciprocating gear meshing with the gear lever shaft of the movement, that is, for inverted rotary motion.
  5, the machine sat motor: the motor mounting plate and the base unit hinge connection, the other end and nut hinge, when the rotation of the base to get started wheel adjustment screw rotation, the nut is driven by the motor board to adjust V-belt tension.
  Deceleration inside the reservoir oil, to pay to fly to worm engraved on the endoscopy of the oil lubrication of the transmission oil level line, box rear oil drain plug for oil drain. Open the top cover, bearings, bearing lubrication, grease parts listed in the table:
  Rock particles, machine installation instructions
  1, rock particles, the whole packing, unpacking and moved to the appropriate use of the pad level and can be used.
  2, electrical wiring devices, is not subject to the direction of rotation of the limit line below by the base through the belt cover to the switch, cable card clamping.
  Rock particles, machine instructions for use
  1, use: start the machine, the mixture was poured into the hopper, squeeze the material through the sieve to the formation of particles by the rotating drum swing role, such as crushed pieces should be gradually added, not to fill up, so as to avoid compression is too large , leaving the screen wearing.
  Note: such as powder pink bucket to stop no less, must not be hand to shovel, so as to avoid hand injury accident, and application of bamboo shovel or parking.
  Seven, and maintenance instructions
  Regularly check parts, once a month, check the worm, the worm, bearings and other moving parts are flexible and wear and found that absenteeism trap should be repaired in time, may not be free to use.
  2, the machine should be placed on clean and dry indoor atmosphere shall not contain acids, its mechanical parts corrosive gas flow spaces use.
  Remove the rotary drum, machine time after use or downtime for cleaning and brush remaining powder will clear bucket, and then installed and ready for the next use.
  4, such as the disabled a long time, must be machine body wipe clean, and parts of glossy coated with anti-rust oil, every cover with a cloth.
  Rock particles, machine operating procedures
  A. Rock particles, the machine before starting preparations
  (1) clean and dry scraping powder axis load of rock particles, machine, and put on scraping the powder axis fixed front-end gland, tighten the nut;
  (2) the volume net shaft mounted to the machine on both ends of the sieve into the long axis tank volume network;
  (3) rotation in roll axis of the handwheel, will screen package on the in Spatulas axis cylindrical;
  (4) check the rock particles, lubricants, oil should not be less than the red line of the front side of the oil board, low oil level should be added to the same type of gear oil.
  Two. Rock particles, machine switched
  (1) Turn the rock particles, power, open the control switch, observe the functioning of the machine, no abnormal sound, smooth machine Spatulas axis rotation can be put into regular use;
  (2) the material evenly into the rock particles, hopper, according to the nature of materials to control the feed rate to maintain a certain level, the material in the hopper.
  3. Rock particles, the end of the operating
  (1) system of particles is completed, clean up the particles machine and sieve more than expected, and note that the compound I with or without foreign body, added to the particles after appropriate treatment;
  (2) rock particles machine cleaning procedures, equipment cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Rock particles, operating precautions
  (1) rock particles, Operation should be observed Spatulas axis of rotation, such as low speed or stall should be shut down immediately check;
  (2) rock particles, machine operation or power is not disconnected, prohibited by hand or sharp metal inside the clean-up hopper.
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