The structure and characteristics of the channel mixer
   The channel mixer is a mechanical method of the mixed material to produce a shear force and mixing purpose equipment. Channel mixer shaft, mixing chamber, drives and rack, stirring shaft of the screw strip. With mixed extension of a single screw and helical ribbon mixer according to the number and direction of rotation of the spiral channel mixer is divided into. General channel mixer mixing part through the axis of a single paddle, on the single-propeller blade angle design is extremely reasonable and clever, single-propeller rotation, roll up and down the material, the blade through the material to produce a certain angle to the left and right sides of the trough pushing force, making the mixing tank any one corner of the materials can not be static, so that the material is mixed. Single helical ribbon mixer spiral direction of rotation of a double helical ribbon mixer two spiral rotation in the opposite direction.
  Channel mixer work, the ribbon surface thrust driven by contact with the material moving along the spiral direction. Hill in the role of friction between the material, making the material up and down the flip part of the material along the spiral direction of sliding, the axial movement of the screw with a thrust surface side of the part of the material spiral, while the screw to bring the Ministry with the surrounding material added to the drag surface, so the screw with the location of the center of the material with the surrounding materials to replace, so as to achieve the mixed purpose.
  Channel mixer simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, and thus are widely used. However, this type of mixer mixing intensity is small, required a longer mixing time. In addition, when the two density difference between the larger materials mixed density-shopping material deposition on the bottom. Therefore, this type of mixer is more suitable for mixed density similar materials.
  Channel mixer works:
  Channel mixer seal, adjust the packing nut, compensate for the axial pressure seal Practice has proved that the results were quite good. Regular mixing function, just set the time, stirring to automatically shut down. Not only save energy, but also to prevent security incidents caused due to staff from the machine after the machine is still running non-stop. Channel mixer is mostly made of stainless steel to meet GMP requirements.
  Channel mixer Uses and characteristics:
  An industrial and mining enterprises, medical institutions, research units for dry heat treatment under vacuum conditions.
  Rectangular studio, so the effective volume of the largest
  3 steel bulletproof double glass doors, observation of indoor objects at a glance.
  4 door can adjust the tightness of the overall shape of the silicon rubber door seals to ensure the high degree of vacuum.
  5 specific temperature, high-precision digital display temperature controller, temperature accuracy and reliability;
  (6) Working temperature can be set, and with deviation alarm function.
  7 control, regulatory elements are installed in the panel, easy to use.
  The studio made of stainless steel. Ensure that the product is durable
  Horizontal channel mixer is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries uniform mixing different proportions of dry or wet powder materials dissolved in the mixing process, volatile or deterioration.
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