Brief universal grinder dry type crushing and wet crushing of the differences and characteristics of
(A) of crushed dry-type universal grinder
  Moisture content of less than 4% crushed crushed material known as dry-type pieces. Its characteristics are:
  (1) processing of materials and their products are dry.
  (2) to smash the need to set up dust collection equipment, in order to avoid dust flying.
  (3) the low efficiency in the fine grinding mill.
  (4) When the water content of more than a quantitative particle bonding, grinding efficiency.
  (5) the smaller particles is excluded since the grinder is more difficult (and commonly used air blowing and suction excluded)
  (B) universal grinder wet crushed
  The water content of the material was crushed in more than 50%, and mobility smash called wet crushed. Its characteristics are:
  (1) The wet material can be dried directly deal with.
  (2) of the crushed material to exclude convenience, high grinding efficiency, transportation convenience.
  (3) The operator places no dust.
  (4) particle size fractionation is relatively simple.
  (5) prohibit wet or water-soluble substances can not be used this way.
  (6) pieces and material needs drying equipment.
  The above two smash the advantages and disadvantages. Generally dry type commonly used in material crushing, wet grinding materials. Carbon, carbon electricity industry in general the use of dry-type crush.
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