Groove mixer operator must follow the practices
The channel mixer is widely applicable to the mixing of the powder material used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, rapid and uniform mixing of several materials of different specific gravities and different particle size.
  Channel mixer with unique alternating pulse movement, driven by continuous mixed materials, the production of the vortex has the ability to change the gradient, resulting in excellent mixing effect. The aircraft also has a smooth operation, low noise, high-loading system, and short mixing time, etc..
  Horizontal trough single slurry mixer channel mixer for mixing powder or paste material in pharmaceutical industry, so that different material mixed. Dissolution, volatilization or deterioration of materials and the mixing process does not produce. The materials used for mixing powder or paste, so that different quality of materials mixed, which is characterized by a horizontal groove single slurry mixing, stirring the slurry for the active type, easy to clean. Contact with the material made of stainless steel, good corrosion resistance. Mixing chamber to be free to flip down material, the mixing time can also be automatically controlled.
  Channel mixer, use matters:
  A channel mixer before use should be carried out with an air running test, check the machine in the test should be preceded by the strength of all connections, the integrity of the lubricating oil and electrical equipment within the reducer, and then closing the master switch, through into the power supply, empty running test;
  2 empty running test test requirements itemized in accordance with the manual steps and the role of the channel mixer. Case is not that unusual sound, bearing file hair high fever reducer temperature helicopters and other undesirable phenomena in order to put into production;
  Operation For shovel scraping groove wall materials, application of bamboo tool, must not be hand to avoid hand injury accident;
  4 in use the channel mixer machine vibration anomalies or the issue of abnormal strange noise, should be immediately stopped and checked;
  Use load not too large, to determine the general load on the motor, 380V motor overloaded current when they are mixed, not to exceed 6 Amps for the normal, such as overloading should immediately reduce the mixing capacity;
  6. Both ends of the agitator shaft seal should be kept clean to avoid the black material, deterioration, the mixing tank at both ends of the outside left square hole should be smooth, do not make it to plug in order to avoid anti-pressure, so that dirt infiltration axis, black tank material deterioration;
  7. Management personnel must be familiar with the technical performance of the channel mixer, internal structure, control structures use the principle. Operation for a period not to leave the place of work, failure to prevent damage to the parts, in order to ensure safety in production as a precondition.
  Groove mixer operator must clean the machine, you should note the following:
  (A) groove mixer cleaning time
  1, more than clean the validity of pre-production
  3, after the end of the production
  (B) Groove Mixer cleaning tool
  Towels, plastic buckets, brushes
  (C) Groove Mixer detergent
  Water, 75% ethanol solution
  (D) the operation of Groove Mixer
  1, to relax the bolts and turn the handle, feed end in a higher position and tighten the fastening bolts
  , Wipe the tank with potable water the surface of the body surface, rotation connecting shaft ministries
  3, open into the material cover, adding a cylinder volume of 10-20% water, cover the lid and tighten, turn on the rotation motor cleaning for 10-15 minutes of downtime
  4, place a plastic bucket, relax bolts and turn the handle, the barrel import side at the lowest position, release the water, then 75% ethanol to wipe again, cleaning and disinfection.
  5, with 75% ethanol to wipe all parts of the tank exterior.
  6, after the cleaning is finished, put up a sign of "clean" in the groove mixer.
  (5) Note that
  Clean after three days, in accordance with procedures in the pre-production re-groove mixer cleaning before production.
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