Daily production, how to swing pellet mill maintenance and cleaning?
   Daily production, how to swing pellet mill maintenance and cleaning? You must do the following:
  Preparation: (1) check swing the various components of the pellet mill is intact, and disinfection procedures for disinfection. Followed by installation Spatulas shaft to protect the tile, screen, screen clips roll, and adjust the elastic to the appropriate.
  Boot should be preceded by the rotating part of the Swing Granulator need refueling, according to the type of oil were injected into the butter and oil
  (2) granulation: open the empty machine run for about 20s, mold, look, listen, to determine whether the device is normal, functioning properly, you can add a soft material system refuse. Test machine or system of particles, you want to hand close to scraping the powder to prevent hand injuries. The soft material in the hopper to the formation of arch, available about 7cm wide stainless steel shovel to flip, to soft Caineng smooth granulation. But bearing in mind the shovel shall and Spatulas axis parallel to prevent the shovel into the Spatulas axis broke equipment. The amount of soft material to join should be appropriate, too little is not conducive to the grain, the load is too large to affect the life of the equipment.
  (3) is prohibited so that when the machine is fuel oil overflow oil line, the machine should be removed after use rotary drum cleaning and brush clear funnel the remaining powder.
  (4) the day of device you are finished using should be washed clean, lubricating Oil it.
  (5) Cleaning: swing granulation mechanism of tablets is completed, the cleaning procedures do a good job in the swing granulation machine cleaning hygiene.
  (6) once a week, check the worm, the worm, bearing activities such as parts of rotating flexible and wear and found that the defects should be repaired in time, shall not be reluctant to use.
  (7) Maintenance: every stop, to swing pellet mill to be cut off power switch. Production shall not be overloaded. Reducer temperature not higher than 50 ℃. Frequently observed in the oil show a mirror to reflect the automatic oil supply situation is normal. Machine maintenance every six months.
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