Boiling dryer operating procedures and routine maintenance
How to properly operate the fluid bed dryer?
  A pre-production preparations
  1.1 check the production tools are complete, clean parts of the fluid bed dryer is installed intact.
  1.2 check the steam, compressed air supply.
  1.3 check the feed materials are complete, quantity, product name, batch number whether in line with the production order, the appearance of eligibility.
  (2) operation:
  2.1 switched on fluid bed dryer power control box, open the compressed air valve, regulating the gas pressure (0.5-0.6 MPa).
  2.2 In accordance with the need to set the inlet air temperature (press three seconds button, then press the plus or decreases in key to the desired temperature, and finally press three seconds is set to temperature settings).
  2.3 the prepared particles put into the hopper, the hopper to push into the box until the hopper in place correctly before pushing into the inflatable switch up and down the airbag into the 0.1 to 0.15 MPa compressed air, so that the hopper up and down in a sealed state.
  2.4 open plus heat out of the manual valve.
  By the induced draft fan start until after the end of the fan start, start mixing, the mixing operation, dry start.
  2.6 inlet air temperature by the automatic control system slowly rose to about the set temperature until the air temperature rose to about 60 ℃, the material is about to dry.
  2.7-drying process particles have uneven phenomenon, you must stop the drying hopper will pull out to turn grain, it pushed into the drying.
  2.8 Sampling determination of whether the particles of water to meet the requirements.
  Drying of 2.9 particles meet the requirements, pull out the cold door switch with clean cold air cooling material a few minutes.
  2.10 fan stop button, fans and stirring at the same time stop (electrical interlock), sliding trap bag lifting cylinder several times, so that the product material in the bag shake into the hopper.
  2.11 Pull out the inflatable switch, to be airbags the ring deflated recovery before they pull the hopper out.
  Close the control box power and steam source in fluid bed dryer, compressed air source.
  Production after the end of the clearance standards for clearance. The clearance is completed, hang up "cleared" state license.
  5 Fill in the equipment operating record.
  How the fluid bed dryer for repairs and maintenance?
  Day-to-day maintenance of a fluid bed dryer
  1.1 fluid bed dryer operator before each operation to check the steam valve, compressed air and the range table is normal.
  1.2 Checking airbag ring with raised, flat-head screws are tightened to prevent the expected car is pushed crashed.
  1.3 Check the hopper blade turbine is too tight, bladed paddle tight plus the resistance of the material, resulting in the increase in stirring motor drive load transmission bumps break or motor burned.
  1.4 check the airbag seals under pressure less than 0.1 ~ 0.15mpa pressure is too high is easy to cause the seal burst is too low will not achieve the sealing effect powder leakage to affect the production efficiency and drying quality.
  1.5 Check the compressed air pressure is too high:
  1.5.1 likely to cause hot and cold damper cylinder momentum Ambassador throttle live then break or damage to the sealant, the drying effect of the leak impact.
  1.5.2 The bag rack cylinder thrust too large, the putter is easy to bend.
  2, fluid bed dryer regular maintenance
  2.1 on a regular basis in efficiency filter bags monthly cleaning once from boiling machine outlet into the loose framework of screws, remove the mesh bag first with detergent to soak for 30 minutes, then rinse and drying.
  2.2 regularly cleaning the mixing device in the transmission lubricating.
  2.3 lubricating material vehicle transmission gear on a regular basis, fill in the records of equipment lubrication.
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