Universal grinder daily cleaning and cleaning
   Universal grinder daily cleaning and cleaning performed by the workshop grinder operator, craft, workshop director, and its method of operation is as follows:
  (1) universal grinder direct contact with drugs, the cleanliness of a direct impact on the quality of medicines should be thoroughly cleaned after production.
  The end of production, turn off the power, all materials in the production of materials sent to the intermediate station entry and exit procedures.
  3 hanging device to be a clean state license.
  Open grinder, Bag, income, mesh, removable duct moved to clean between the sink.
  Into the tank about 2/3 volume of 30 ~ 40 ℃ warm water, soak for 10-30min, and then water will not receive the powder bags front and back washed repeatedly received the powder bags clean; screen, the wind works soft brush washing caused by liquid water clarification. Ionized water rinse three times. Dry, clean area, at crushed between the same levels spare.
  6. Clean special cloth dampened with warm water grinder material imports, respectively, shredders cavity, the export of materials, powder room resumption repeatedly wipe to clean.
  . Deionized grinder inner wall and lose pollen tube, cyclone separator thoroughly wipe clean.
  With a clean dry towel to these various parts dry, then 75% ethanol to wipe clean.
  The operating rooms on the ground, power distribution cabinets, electrical and operating cabinet wipe clean.
  10 to be a bag, the screen is dry, grinder various parts of the installation is complete and the demolition of the opposite order.
  11 cleaning, washing the operating room floor to the ground, dust, water.
  12 fill the clearance record.
  Demolition of the principle of universal grinder: from the top down, from the outside, the following detailed description of the steps of the cleaning process to demolish the universal grinder:
  1. Cleaning
  Close the the grinder total power brush with wool from the top down cleaning shredder residue within the dust layer.
  (2) removal of hopper
  Plus the hopper base four bolts removed, remove the hopper, remove the bolt and hopper on the specified location.
  Three. Removal of the mesh
  Open grinder door, remove the mesh.
  (4) removal of activities gear
  Fixed activities in gear with a wrench, gear use vigorously wrench to loosen, tighten the nut, fitted with special tools to remove active gear, fitted with a wrench to move the special tools, so that the separation of activities in gear with the host axis; remove activities Gear, safety placed, the operation the process of attention to safety, not to hurt your fingers.
  (5) removal of the fixed gear
  The three screws in the fixed gear on the door removed, remove the fixed gear, safety placed here 30B universal grinder of the demolition work has been completed, following its cleaning?
  An ordinary cleaning: special cleaning after enter the general cleaning procedure, which uses unsolicited clean, deionized water.
  Grinder main equipment and components clean, safe place, with hair dryer into the installer.
  (3) Special cleaning: the nature of the crushed material equipment grinder special cleaning and special cleaning methods at a special cleaning solvent table, and do not require special cleaning of the ordinary cleaning.
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