How to choose a good suitable for the production of universal grinder?
Universal grinder feed processing production played a significant role in the universal grinder is essential in agricultural production. The quality of the universal grinder is observed through two aspects, a noise, there is dust.
  Good low-universal grinder noise, dust control measures to improve the working environment is conducive to the health of the operating personnel. Therefore, in the purchase of universal grinder must pay attention to the following question:
  Selection should first consider the purchase of universal grinder what raw material is crushed. Crushed feed grain-based, you can choose the top of the feed hammer universal grinder; crushed bran cereals class feed-based universal grinder, you can choose the claw; if the versatility, such as crushed cereal mainly take into account the cake Valley and straw, the option to cut universal grinder to feed hammer; crushed shells and other mineral feed, the choice of shell-and-screen universal grinder; such as a pre-mixed feed pre-treatment requirements Product crushed very fine particle size can be adjusted as needed, should choose special screenless universal grinder.
  General universal grinder manual and on the nameplate, are contained in a nominal capacity of universal grinder (kg / h).
  But should pay attention to the following:
  (1) contained in the rated production capacity, and is usually crushed corn moisture content for storage of safe water (about 13%) and the φ1.2mm aperture sieve state to step down production prevail, because the corn is commonly used in feed grain diameter 1.2mm aperture sieve is the smallest sieve, production capacity is small, consider the production of the more common and more difficult state.
  (2) selected universal grinder production capacity slightly larger than the actual needs of the production capacity to avoid the wear of the hammer, duct air leakage caused by the decline of the production capacity of the universal grinder, does not affect the feed continuous production and supply.
  3, the energy consumption of the universal grinder, at the time of purchase, can not disregard the energy-saving. According to the standard requirements of the relevant departments, hammer universal grinder crushed corn with φ1.2mm mesh sieve films, each unit of electricity production shall not be less than 48 kg. Universal grinder of domestic Hammer kWh of electricity production has been greatly exceeds the above requirements, the quality has reached 70-75 kg / kWh.
  4, supporting universal grinder power. Machine instructions and on the nameplate are universal grinder supporting motor power kw. It is often that is not a fixed number but have a certain range.
  Should be considered universal grinder nesting approach. Crushed finished nesting device output in three ways: blanking weight, suction delivery and mechanical conveying. The small stand-alone use more weight cutting in order to simplify the structure. Medium-sized universal grinder mostly with a suction conveying device, the advantage is that sucked the moisture of the finished product, reduce the humidity in the finished product is conducive to storage, to improve the grinding efficiency of 10-15%, reduce the degrees of the grinding chamber of the dust. Agencies to transport more for desktop production is greater than 2.5T universal grinder used.
  6, universal grinder, dust and noise.
  Note the above points, you could easily choose the suitable for the production of a good machine!
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