Ultrafine grinding technology with universal grinder
   Ultrafine grinding technology is solid quality processing crushed to the size of superfine powder. Preparation of Ultrafine Powders of physics and chemistry are two ways, the former can be divided into dry and wet, dry ultrafine grinding equipment including ball mill, vibration mill, jet mill, wet ultrafine grinding machinery including flow mill, homogenizer. Regardless of the method must meet the following conditions: the product of fine grain size, narrow distribution, to meet the practical requirements of the production or research; high purity of the product does not contain any impurities, non-polluting, non-destructive to the environment; the degree of production automation high and low energy consumption, the process is simple, continuous, safe and reliable. Universal grinder to use relatively high-speed operation of the activity gear and fixed gear, so that the material being crushed by the impact of tooth plate, universal grinder friction and material collision between each other and crushed. The crushed material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber, the particle size determined by the switch to a different mesh sieve. The machine structure is simple, sturdy, stable operation, the crushed material quickly, even to good effect. Universal grinder are all made of stainless steel chassis internal (crushed slot) alveolar precision machining to achieve a smooth surface, easy to clean and change the ordinary grinder wall is rough, easy to build up the powder, hard to clean up the phenomenon, so that food , drugs, chemical production more in line with national standards, to achieve the health requirements of the GMP.
  Universal grinder operation and precautions:
  1, prior to use, first check the universal grinder all fasteners are tightened, belt tensioners.
  2, the spindle running direction must comply with the protective hood shown in the direction of the arrow, otherwise it will damage the machine, and may cause personal injury.
  3, check the electrical integrity.
  4, check the universal grinder crush indoor or without metal and other hard debris, otherwise they will bash tool to influence the operation of the machine.
  5, the material must be crushed before the check purity, does not allow metal and hard debris mixed in, to avoid to damage the tool or cause burning and other accidents.
  6, the oil cup on the universal grinder should always be injected into the lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
  7, stop, stop feeding, if not continue to use to clear the remnants inside.
  8, the regular inspection tool with screen damage, if damaged, should be replaced immediately.
  Universal grinder to use the opportunity to realize there are slight vibration, be sure to cover the connection handle tightened, to avoid the accident.
  As of today, the term of the superfine powder is no strict definition, the definition of particle size less than 100 micron superfine powder, was also defined particle size less than 1 micron superfine powder. The usual practice is less than 500 mesh (30 microns) of the powder, known as superfine powder, this is because the traditional craft methods are difficult to solids material crushed to such a fineness . The superfine powder particle size than a human hair (usually 70 to 80 microns) in diameter should fine much.
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