Made from the rock particles institutions particle machine works and the cleaning and maintenance
   Rock particles machine is a classification of the particle machine products, the main role is to damp or massive dry materials made of particles, rock particles, drying nets can be adjusted, according to our need to loosen or tone only, which is the need to see what the effect of our raw materials want to reach.
  As in recent years, the rock particles, machine development, the scope of application of rock particles, more widely, getting better and better mechanical properties, mainly used in some factory or some dairy products, rock particles, the machine has been very good the development and use, but the rock particles also has his limitations, can not be used in semi-solid and fluid, slurry or wear, so we have been in research on new products to replace the existing products, mainly from the rock particles, the structure began to study the structure is very strong, and very easy to operate, the running time can guarantee the quality of materials and ensure that the material does not change color, we can adjust the number of sieve machine according to the actual requirements, so that we can be of different sizes materials.
  The structure of the rock particles: rock particles machine main body, particulate manufacturing equipment, gear box, screen, motor frame, such as rock particles machines rely on a motor driven, adjust the speed according to the gear box, and then use the sieve tube to sieve the material particle manufacturing apparatus, and then smash through the host, the operation is very simple, but also in use when the noise is not very large, mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry, daily maintenance and cleaning is very important , so we are required to be a detailed understanding of its structure, the only way to better maintenance and cleaning, the following simply look at the structure of the rock particles.
  Rock particles, the main body for an independent rectangular cylinder on the device closed bearing and powder bucket connection, pink bucket toward the body.
  Particulate manufacturing equipment: rotary drum lying set the bucket in the powder below, front and rear bearing supports for inverted rotation by rack drive, the end face of the front bearing cover movable assembly and disassembly, unscrew wing nut, the bearing cap and rotating drum to be pulled out, place the roller at both ends of the system has a convex side ring.
  Gearbox: Worm Drive, inside the reservoir oil, the endoscope can be observed on the box to observe the functioning of the oil reserves, the worm outer end is equipped with eccentric shaft to drive the rack for reciprocating movement.
  Folder sieve tube: device on both sides of the rotary drum, steel pipe manufacturing, the middle to open a long trough, both ends of the screen mesh embedded in the tank, turn the flower-shaped hand wheel will screen wrapped in a cylindrical rotating drum, hand wheel within the gear shore, tightness can be adjusted.
  Motor frame: a screw bolt firmly, motor mounted on the iron, turn the screw bolt, the motor up and down movement for the adjustment belt
  Only a detailed understanding of the rock particles, the results can be safe and quick cleaning and maintenance.
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