Universal grinder during use is prone to problems and solutions
Now available in a lot of universal grinder, it can cut the feed ivy, stalk, but also crush the sweet potato, maize, is commonly used in rural areas of the machinery. Universal grinder with the extension of the use of time, often appear the following breakdown: crushed when unable to work; will not start; no electricity. Under normal circumstances can self-repair.
  First check the power outlet, plug, power cord with or without starting oxygen loss, fracture of the Department, if not you can plug in the power test machine, not rotate when the motor is energized, the light struck the round pieces can be rotated by hand, you can conclude that the The two machines start capacitor failure due to a capacity. This case, generally only for new products. Another is that power does not rotate, apply force to rotate but issued a weak current sound of the motor is starting capacitor due to minor leakage. If the current sound is too large, the motor can not start, concluded that due to short-circuit of the start capacitor (motor coil short circuit you need professional repair). In the case of non-professional equipment can be removed capacitor (4UF/400V), the two leads were inserted into the mains zero and FireWire jack to charge the capacitor, and then remove the short circuit discharge of the two leads. If can send sparks and a loud "pop" sound, indicating that the capacitor can use; if the sparks and the sound is weak, the capacity of the capacitor has declined, the need to replace or add a small capacitor can be. If the capacitor has been damage to the short circuit can not use this method, and must use the same specification new replacement can be repaired.
  A class of high-speed universal grinder rod mill, the general quality of this universal grinder is not easy to damage, routine maintenance is more important, the following is the maintenance of such universal grinder focus. Check bearing lubrication is a good check that all fasteners are tightened. Check the drive belt is installed correctly and in good condition, if the belt damaged should be replaced, when the oil belt or sheave, apply a clean cloth wipe in a timely manner. Check the protection device is good, if protective devices insecurity, should be immediately removed. Check the damaged cavity whether the materials or other debris, and if so, should be cleaned. Check the hydraulic whether it be returned from the top of the machine head or from the top screw, adjust the gasket is installed correctly and pressed.
  Universal grinder activities gear and fixed gear see the relative motion, the material being crushed by the teeth impact, friction and material to each other the impact of the combined effects of crush. The machine structure is simple, sturdy, stable operation, crushed well being crushed material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber, the grain size of the network through the switch to a different aperture sieve to obtain the other machine made of stainless steel. Casing inner wall all by machining to achieve a smooth surface, changing the previous models of the inner wall is rough, the phenomenon of accumulated powder, medicines, food, chemical production more in line with national standards, to meet the requirements of the GMP.
  Universal grinder is to use the more common farm machinery, universal grinder on the fan in the course of their work, due to very high speed, and poor working conditions, closed lax, the sand on the wind a chance cause serious wear and tear, so that the impeller body and wheel rivet head off, and the rivet holes at the fatigue crack. How to carry out maintenance on the fan became a thorny issue, slightly improper maintenance will not only less than the repair, but also enable fans to completely scrapped. Fans are the dynamic balance test, because of its high speed, so its balance requirements are high, especially the impeller fan is very sensitive to the imbalance of the peripheral, but its in the center of tiny sense of imbalance requirements are not high. According to this characteristic, the impeller prone to failure,
  Can be repaired using the following methods:
  1, if the rivet head universal grinder impeller wear, welding surfacing compression impeller body and wheels, worn rivet head back to the normal state.
  2, the rivet hole prone to fatigue crack, can be no root used electrode for welding to repair cracks, but as the center symmetry to the impeller axis line to the rest of the cracks at the welding electrode to stay a new electrode patches relative said rivet hole cracks there, and then after the rest of the welding electrode and symmetric rivet repair the rest of the electrode in order to ensure equal weight welded to fill up. For symmetrical rivet hole cracks also will electrode surfacing here is used to offset the weight of symmetrical rivet hole cracks at the new fill welding. Welding in accordance with the symmetrical complement method can repair the cracks.
  3 a simple, universal grinder impeller balancing test, the method is also very simple. Impeller support from the hand struck gently rotate to make it reach a balanced place to stop to the lowest point swing. Emphasis can be opposite to the impeller on the spot if so, add weight to make it balance, emphasis impeller welding marks or rub off with angle grinder, but also to achieve a balance so that you can put the fan fixed to work properly.
  4, note that the universal grinder blower repair process can not be random spot welding using welding, the welding marks to stay on the impeller, so as not to affect the balance of the fan impeller is less than the repair purposes, resulting in a greater loss.
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