The Changzhou universal grinder type and development basis points
   Universal grinder is the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and processing plants are commonly used general purpose grinding equipment, belonging to the Universal grinder is the day-to-day the most widely used milling machinery, grinding and high efficiency, the materials Fineness of up to 20/120 mesh addition to the commonly used material can be crushed, in particular, applies to some of the heat-sensitive materials crushed. Universal grinder can be installed fully enclosed dust removal device, making room for maneuver better clean, wide range of applications as well as simple operation, easy maintenance and pro-Lai by the market and the vast majority of users.
  Now on the market, the knife mill equipment crushers, universal mill, knife mill, shear grinding mill, the flow can mill.
  Crush the processing technology is tending toward the micronized and nanotechnology direction of development. Ultrafine grinding of drug powder, enough in recent decades developed a new technology, in a very short period of time the solid material crushed into ultra-fine powder of uniform size. The starting point of its development mainly on the following aspects:
  Consider raising the effective crush can ① In principle, most of the force of impact, shear and friction, the combined effects of ultra-fine grinding;
  The ② structure ultrafine grinding - classification of the combination type, the use of efficient air classification device not only to improve the particle size of micronized, and in order to achieve uniformity of particle size distribution or specific;
  ③ material on the use of high wear-resistant materials for the lining material. Can not only reduce the pollution of the lining material wear and tear on the smash product composition composition or color, but also improve the life of the equipment;
  ④ ultrafine grinding the implementation and the integration of particle surface modification;
  (5) special needs crushing, such as cryogenic comminution.
  The type of milling machinery can be broadly summarized as follows:
  (1) high-speed mechanical impact micro grinder of a discrete and horizontal;
  ② jet mill - the sub-flat, circular tube, the target type, spray, fluidized bed spray;
  ③ roll mill, high pressure roller mills, vertical roller mills (Loesche mill, grinding the MPS);
  (4) media movement mill - the sub-container-driven (the weight of grinding mill, ball mill, vibration mill, planetary mill);
  The ⑤ medium stirring mill.
  Universal grinder can be a 30B type grinder ESC materials collection boxes and ESC vacuum cleaner to solve the problem of dusty materials in the crushing process. The working principle of universal grinder materials into grinding chamber by high-speed rotation of activities, gear and fixed gear tooth impact, shear, friction and material impact effect was crushed by the screen filter was turned into the desired powder. The mill group of shredders, material collection boxes and vacuum cleaners, etc. all made of stainless steel, in line with the GMP requirements for pharmaceutical production.
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