Vacuum Dryer _ boiling dryer _ channel mixer _ rock particles _ universal grinder
   Vacuum Dryer
  Vacuum Dryer is drying materials for heating and drying in vacuum conditions. By removing the packaging container internal air pre-vacuum, remove the container internal moisture equipment. Dry work time, use the vacuum pump so that indoor air and humidity to form a vacuum tank in a vacuum jacket through hot water (or steam, thermal oil) heating the material in the tank with the tank low-speed rotation, constantly from top to bottom, inside and outside into the diamond-shaped trajectory "movement and absorption evaporation, water vapor continuously discharged through the vacuum hose to reach dry material and speed up the drying rate of the purpose.
  Fluid bed dryer
  Fluid bed dryer is a highly efficient drying equipment, also known as fluidized bed, generally by the air filter, the host of the fluidized bed cyclone, bag filter, high pressure centrifugal fan, console composition. Depending on the nature of the materials, may need the optional cyclone separator or bag filter. In the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, food processing, more and more reflect the important role of fluid bed dryer.
  Channel mixer
  The channel mixer used for mixing powder or paste material mixed, so that different quality materials. Which is characterized by a horizontal groove, single-paddle mixing, stir shake the paddle through the shaft for easy cleaning. With compact, simple to operate, beautiful appearance, small footprint, clean, good mixing effect. The mixer unit by mechanical rotation, the S-type impeller rotation, and promote material back and forth turning, mixing, electrical control operation, the mixing time can be set to automatically shut down, thereby increasing the mixed quality of each batch of material. The channel mixer is widely used in the dry powder blend of the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics and other industries.
  Rock particles, machine
  Rock particles machine developed wet powder or lumps of dry material into the desired particles, mainly wet powder mixture, are in the rotating drum, counter-rotating role, mandatory through the sieve made of particles dedicated devices. Rock particles, the machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries wet powder for the development of the required particle, massive dry materials can also be crushed into the desired particles.
  Universal grinder
  Universal grinder activities gear and fixed gear see the relative motion, the material being crushed by the teeth impact, friction and material impact each other combined effects get crushed. With simple, sturdy structure, smooth operation, good crushing effect, the crushed material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber, the particle size sieve to obtain the network through the switch to a different aperture, universal grinder is widely used across the country in the pharmaceutical, chemical , food and light industries. In addition universal grinder made of stainless steel. Casing inner wall all by machining to achieve a smooth surface, changing the previous models of the inner wall is rough, the phenomenon of accumulated powder, medicines, food, chemical production more in line with national standards, to meet the requirements of the GMP.
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