The use of aerodynamic design principles of the aerodynamic universal grinder
   Aerodynamic universal grinder is the latest research results of the field of mechanical crushing of a variety of industrial and agricultural products. Closed by the machine to crush the movement of high-speed airflow of the indoor circular motion to drive the particles of the crushed material impact, thus completing the processing of materials broken or crushed requirements. The aerodynamic universal grinder processing capacity, the scope of application and processing system features much higher than the present, crushing machinery. Compared with the traditional hammer and tooth disc mill, its energy consumption, while in the mechanically closed crushed shell structure to avoid the necessary general grinder cyclone separator devices and filtration devices.
  Aerodynamic universal grinder there is no precedent in our country has been applied in many other areas of the developed countries, its advanced technology, fine and uniform particles. To catch up with international advanced level, through the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced aerodynamic universal grinder technology, research and development of advanced grinder suitable for China's national conditions, rapid increase in China's grinder level of technology, better to industrial and agricultural production and services, is of great significance to promote the development of the technology of the grinder. The following advantages and scope of application of aerodynamic universal grinder, a brief introduction.
  First, the advantages of air power universal grinder
  1, higher productivity and lower energy consumption.
  2, the grinder enclosed grinding chamber and indoor air circulation system, this particular structure to ensure the mill in the cyclone separator and filtration devices under the premise of the work, and to ensure that dust does not crush objects leak, clean working environment.
  3, the crushing process and screening process in the grinder, the grinding process is divided into two levels, thus ensuring that the machine work load is stable, low noise, no vibration.
  4, the grinder does not require special installation feet and foundation, as long as stable on the ground can be.
  Second, the scope of application of air power universal grinder
  A. Food and agricultural products processing industry.
  Two. Aquaculture livestock feed processing.
  3. Industrial production and processing field.
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