Extreme mechanical universal grinder _ features and application of the principle of rock particles,
   One, universal principles and application of the grinder
  1, universal grinder principle
  The B series universal grinder is the use of the relative motion between the activities gear and fixed gear, so the impact of the material by tooth friction and materials between the impact to achieve crushed. It is by crushing the host aggregate rooms and baghouse. Materials are feeding into the crushing chamber, high-speed rotation of activities, gear and fixed gear by the tooth shear, impact the interaction between friction and material to be crushed aggregate Room after mesh filter into the mouth. dust into the dust collection chamber with the air, after bag filter from the air, to complete smash.
  2, universal grinder features
  (1) applies to a wide range of machine made of stainless steel, multi-industry standards to meet the crushing chamber is equipped with a water-cooled jacket to adapt to the majority of thermosensitive materials crushed requirements.
  (2) non-polluting, low noise, and a separate configuration aggregate rooms, baghouse dust to get the full collection, to meet the requirements of cleanliness; machine balancing a significant reduction in noise.
  (3) The production capacity can meet the production requirements of most users.
  3, universal grinder application
  Production of the B series universal grinder suitable for medicine, food, chemical and other industries.
  Characteristics and applications of the two rock particles
  , Rock particles, machine briefly
  Rock particles, machine Changzhou Supreme Machinery Co., Ltd. based on customer needs, with drying equipment with reference to the shortcomings of existing Swing Granules, which characteristics, digestion and absorption of its advanced technology, innovative design, a successful trial of the new belt The drying mechanism of grain and cloth grain equipment. The YK160 type of rock particles, has a simple structure, reasonable access to adequate energy, advanced granulation way, energy efficient features. A machine with granulating, grinding, cloth three functions can be achieved by the use of a machine's purpose.
  2, rock particles, machine characteristics
  Particle size uniformity, control is simple; the YK160 type rock particles will damp powder mixture, mandatory in the positive and negative rotation of the rotating drum made of particles through the sieve. Adjust the screen of the slack and the roller speed can be controlled to some extent, particle size and density.
  Axis rotation a good seal will not be contaminated materials: the YK160 rock particles spindle above the gearbox, and the design of tight shaft seal structure to ensure that the crankshaft is no oil leakage, do not wear material, to avoid material contamination by lubricants, to GMP requirements.
  Electromagnetic speed, both deceleration and acceleration functions; the the YK160 type of rock particles, electromagnetic speed device, the spindle speed conversion, faster speed, loose particles; the slower speed, close particles, particle size requirements by the speed of transformation can be achieved . Spindle gearbox gear change to enable the spindle speed or deceleration.
  Beautiful shape, easy to clean; YK160 rock particles shell is all made of stainless steel wire drawing board packaging, clean non-toxic, anti-corrosive, aircraft need to clean parts only granulation chamber section, the main screen and hexagonal drum. Rollers without dismantling, the screen is easy to demolition and is very light, very convenient cleaning.
  , Rock particles, machine application
  The YK160 rock particles applicable in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry, manufacturing all kinds of particles. The YK160 rock particles biggest advantage is the ability to speed can be adjusted within a certain range of granulation, and consistent fabric homogenization make wet particles and dry particles. Use a consistent response by the user, the aircraft uniform granulation, containing silt rate, easy operation, long life, meet the GMP requirements.
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