Vacuum dryer is in use must be noted that an important step
Vacuum Dryer is mainly used in high value-added, and heat-sensitive agricultural and sideline products, health products, food, herbs, fruits and vegetables, chemical raw materials such as dehydration and drying; low temperature concentration for chemical products, removal of water of crystallization, the enzyme preparationdrying; vacuum extraction of Chinese herbal medicine; applicable in the laboratory of the research institutions. Vacuum drying equipment to extend the shelf life of food, preserving food's original flavor and nutrients, to retain the physiological activity of the raw materials, enhance the functionality of health food, and increase the added value of agricultural products.
  Vacuum dryer during use must should strictly abide by the rules, you must first vacuum and then heating up heating.
  Workpiece into the vacuum where vacuum dryer for removing the workpiece material can take away the gas composition. If the workpiece is heated gases when heated, it expands. The enormous pressure generated by the vacuum dryer tightness is very good, the expanding gas may be the observation window of tempered glass burst. This is a potential danger. First vacuum and then heating up the heating program operation can be avoided this danger.
  The first warming heat pulls out the vacuum operation of the program, the heated air vacuum pump out to go, the heat will certainly be brought to vacuum pump up, leading to the vacuum pump temperature is too high, it is possible so that the vacuum pump reduced efficiency.
  The heating of the gas be directed to the vacuum pressure gauge, vacuum pressure gauge temperature rise. If the temperature exceeds the use of specified temperature range of vacuum pressure gauge, can make the vacuum gauge indication error.
  The correct way to use first vacuum and then heating up heating. Be reached after a decline in the degree of vacuum in the rated temperature is appropriate plus pumping. This is beneficial to extend the service life of the vacuum dryer equipment.
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