Characteristics of microwave vacuum dryer and vacuum dryer
   Late the country in the 1980s, began the development of microwave vacuum dryer, through the years of effort, to the year 2000, the successful solution of a low-pressure arc discharge from the microwave field, the heating temperature difference between the shop materials, non-contact temperature measurement of the microwave venue a number of problems, from the experimental stage to enter the production phase of the industrialization of the microwave vacuum dryer. Food engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, biological engineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering, and agricultural and sideline products deep processing to provide a novel and efficient microwave vacuum drying equipment.
  Microwave Vacuum Dryer features:
  Efficient: the conventional vacuum drying equipment (assuming that the vacuum pressure 7.37kpa material dehydration temperature of 40 ° C the 1kg vapor heat of 574 kcal), in a vacuum occasions, very difficult to heat by convection pass, only conduction carried out that the heating speed is slow, long drying cycle and, large energy consumption. Microwave Vacuum Dryer is the radiation energy transfer, is the medium of the overall heating, no other heat transfer medium, to avoid these shortcomings, so fast, high efficiency, the drying cycle is shortened, to reduce energy consumption. Compared with the conventional drying technology can improve the ergonomics more than four times.
  Uniform heating: microwave heating at the same time heating to materials where small temperature difference between inside and outside materials will not produce the situation inside and outside the conventional heating heating inconsistent, leaving the drying greatly improved the quality. Easy to control: to facilitate the continuous production and to automate, microwave power can be quickly adjusted and non-inertial characteristics, easy control, to facilitate the adjustment of process parameters and to determine.
  Product quality: Compared with the conventional method, the processing of product quality has improved greatly.
  The characteristics of the traditional vacuum dryer:
  A. Continuous feed and discharge, the feed rate may need to be set freely in the vacuum state. Continuous Microwave Vacuum Dryer
  Two. The heating system can be steam, hot water and a electric heating turn the the a variety of forms of the heat conduction oil heating and other.
  3. The drying temperature from 25 ℃ -80 ℃ arbitrary regulation, after 20 minutes -60 minutes continuous discharge until the batch to complete.
  4. Crawler adopt the Teflon materials, smooth operation, reliable, and the heated area of ??is uniform. Crawler speed can be adjusted layers in 2-5 layers can be determined based on the user's production requirements.
  5 Using a variety of fabric device can be adapted to that the liquid, extracts, powder and granular and so on various types of dry raw materials of.
  6. With automatic crushing system under vacuum, dry particle mesh can be arbitrarily chosen based on user requests.
  7. With CIP the reign cleaning system, automatic cleaning fast and easy.
  8. Selection of high quality vacuum unit and carefully designed combination, with continuous high-capacity pumping speed and stability of the vacuum.
  9. Energy consumption, no waste, low-noise.
  10. Full compliance with GMP certification requirements.
  Vacuum Dryer main advantages:
  · A full set of process automation, pipeline, continuous, and procedures.
  Vacuum low-temperature state to complete the drying process, the invariance of the heat sensitive materials, contamination-free opportunity.
  Suitable for a variety of difficult materials dry.
  · Materials dry (moisture content) is adjustable.
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