Fluid bed dryer _ fluidization characteristics and scope of application of the dryer
   In the production process of solid dosage forms, fluid bed dryer drying equipment is often optional. Fluid bed dryer with the effects of heat transfer and large capacity, temperature distribution, various forms of operation, material residence time adjustable, low investment costs and less maintenance workload, etc.. After 30 years of use and improvement in the country has shown its unique position in the dry areas in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, increasingly reflect the important role of fluid bed dryer.
  Boiling dryer, also known as fluidized dryer by an erection of the cylinder and is located in the cylinder lower part of a certain height at one or several layers of porous distribution plate. Drying medium (hot air) is fed from the simplified bottom would be evenly distributed in the distribution panel thickness from 10 to 100 mm material dispersed the formation of a suspension fluidization layer. When the flow velocity is low, the material layer does not move through the gas in the gap between the particles of the material layer, continue to increase the flow velocity, the material began to loosen a slight expansion of the bed material at a certain interval exchange position, and then continue to increase airflow velocity, the material is suspended to form a fluidized layer In the fluidized layer, the material in the hot air up and down the flip, mutual collisions between gas and solid heat transfer and vaporization, so that to achieve the purpose of drying.
  Boiling dry definition: boiling dry, commonly known as fluidized drying, refers to the drying medium so that the drying process of solid particles in the fluidized state.
  Boiling dry principle: the dry and medium dry solid particles in the fluidized state, and its drying process based on powder boiling in the exhaust under the containers fine powder through the trap bag filter rear to the outdoors. The dry gas-solid two-phase countercurrent contact with the churning. Solid particles suspended in the drying medium into a large contact surface area, in terms of heat transfer, mass transfer, the volume of dry strength, thermal efficiency is very good.
  Boiling dry and better adaptability to a variety of materials, small footprint, large capacity, high thermal efficiency, the operation is easy to control, particle breakage, currently used widely, especially in the pharmaceutical and compared to other dryers industry.
  Boiling characteristics of the dryer
  A large contact area in the material and the drying medium, at the same time the material in the bed continuously stirred intense, fluid bed dryer effects of heat transfer, heat capacity coefficient;
  Uniform temperature distribution in the fluidized bed, in order to avoid local overheating of the product to the fluid bed dryer is especially suitable for certain heat-sensitive materials dry;
  3, in the same equipment for continuous operation, intermittent operation;
  Material residence time in the dryer, as needed to adjust, so the product moisture content and stability;
  5, the drying unit itself does not include mechanical moving parts, so a smaller investment in equipment cost, maintenance workload.
  Boiling the scope of application of the dryer
  Fluid bed dryer can be widely used in the production of pharmaceutical raw materials can be applied to varieties: amoxicillin, Anbixilin, A aspirin dihydrostreptomycin card kanamycin, ampicillin, penicillin, tetracycline, streptavidin fog, amber chloramphenicol, sulfathiazole, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B12, aluminum chloride hydroxide, aluminum sulfate Shu glycolipids, amylase, barium sulfate, calcium lactate, calcium pantothenate, hormones, L-lysine, niacin, protease, rutin derivatives, liver and other fine.
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