How the face of universal grinder dust problem?
Universal grinder activities gear and fixed gear see the relative motion, the material being crushed by the teeth impact, friction and material to each other the impact of the combined effects of crush. The machine structure is simple, sturdy, stable operation, crushed well being crushed material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber, the grain size of the network through the switch to a different aperture sieve to obtain the other machine made of stainless steel. Casing inner wall all by machining to achieve a smooth surface, changing the previous models of the inner wall is rough, the phenomenon of accumulated powder, medicines, food, chemical production more in line with national standards, to meet the requirements of the GMP.
  Select a universal mill must take into account equipment, because of the drying system is composed of universal grinder and ancillary equipment. Ancillary equipment choose whether properly is also a key element. Under normal circumstances, the drying system, ventilation equipment, heating equipment, the host (universal grinder), the composition of the gas-solid separation equipment, feeding equipment.
  Rising energy costs and restrictions imposed by pollution, working conditions and safe operation of such design and selection of industrial dryer has a direct relationship. Some of these design factors (especially floating dryer design, such as spray, flash and fluidized-bed dryer) has been given a full discussion in the selection phase of the drying machines of various models is also necessary to take into account these factors. Sometimes, in the drying device processing can be of different materials and different occasions, people must be put at the design stage these factors taken into account.
  For gas, to exclude dust, the drying device can cause pollution. In some places, even if the steam is not allowed. The general requirement is that the excluded exhaust dust concentrations below 20 ~ 50mg/Nm3, and that they may have to set up highly efficient dust collector. Importantly, under certain conditions, suitable for dry and coarse particles. On the other hand, the larger the particle, the longer the drying time. Dry powder materials, gathering dust and gas purification commonly used cyclones, bag filters or electrostatic precipitators. In other forms, such as paste, tablets and other materials can be dried, the dust only in the convective drying of materials. Order to remove harmful gas pollution by means of absorption, adsorption or incineration and other means.
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