Should pay attention to in the vacuum dryer before and after use
   Note in the vacuum dryer before use.
  1, vacuum dryer before the first use vacuum and then heating up the heating
  Because the first warming heat pulls out the vacuum operation of the program, the heated air vacuum pump out to go, the heat is bound to be taken to vacuum pump go up, leading to vacuum pump temperature is too high, it is possible so that the vacuum pump reduced efficiency.
  Vacuum dryer using the vacuum and then heating up the heating, the heating of the gas is driven vacuum gauge, vacuum pressure gauge temperature rise. If the temperature exceeds the use of specified temperature range of vacuum pressure gauge, can make the vacuum gauge indication error.
  The correct use of vacuum dryer is the first vacuum and then heating up heating. Be reached after a decline in the degree of vacuum in the rated temperature is appropriate plus pumping. Doing so is beneficial to extend the useful life of equipment.
  2, the back of the intake manifold vacuum oven vacuum rubber hose with the vacuum pump connection connected to the vacuum pump power.
  3 items be dried in the box, the box shut the door and close the bleed valve, open the vacuum valve, and then turn on the vacuum pump power exhaust, so that the box to achieve the degree of vacuum-0.1Mpa, close the vacuum valve, and then Turn off the vacuum pump power switch.
  4, plug in the power, temperature control device to display numbers, and set the temperature and heating (heating, full power heating gear hit a thermostat heated stalls to hit the half-power 2).
  5 set after the end of the data long-term preservation. Oven into the heating state, the heating indicator (green) light. When the temperature approaches the set temperature, the traffic lights staggered, repeatedly, to control access to a constant temperature.
  6, flammable and volatile chemicals not placed in a vacuum dryer box.
  7, the surface of the vacuum dryer tank wall liner and equipment to regular cleaning to maintain cleanliness and increase the transparency of the glass. Do not use acids, alkalis or other corrosive solution to wipe the outer surface.
  8, Vacuum Dryer unused for long periods, unplug the power cord in order to prevent equipment damage. Regularly (usually quarterly) and should run for 2-3 days-per-use conditions, in order to get rid of the moisture of the electrical parts to avoid damage of the device
  9 Vacuum Dryer is why the first vacuum and then heating up heating
  10, vacuum dryer, such as in the course of the exception, odor, smoke, immediately turn off the power supply, users do not blindly repair, the Company shall notify the repair shop, repair by professionals view.
  11, dry end, turn off the power, rotating the release valve, lift the vacuum box, remove the items.
  Note the vacuum dryer use
  A vacuum, vacuum dryer box without continuous pumping, you should close the vacuum valve, turn off the vacuum pump motor power, or the vacuum pump oil to flow backward to the box.
  2, remove the items to be processed, such as the handling of flammable items, must wait until the temperature cooled to below the combustion point, into the air to avoid oxidation reactions caused by combustion.
  3, the prohibition into the dry explosive materials.
  4, such as drying time, the degree of vacuum drop, need to exhaust again to restore a degree of vacuum should be open to the vacuum pump motor switch, and then open the vacuum valve.
  5, the lifting of the vacuum seal and glass door smoking tight deformation is not difficult to immediately open the door, to wait about 30 minutes in order to facilitate open the door.
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