Groove Mixer is the use of mechanical force and gravity, two or more materials uniformly mixed with
Groove Mixer is the use of mechanical force and gravity, two or more materials uniformly mixed up the machinery. Good mobility of granular solids rely on the container itself, rotary, or live in a container the role of the moving parts, repeatedly turning the blending to be mixed, such materials can also be used to air convection or turbulence in order to achieve mixed . Convection or turbulence of the solid particles is not easy to vortex mixing speed is much lower than the liquid mixture, the degree of mixing is generally only reach randomly mixed.
  Poor mobility, mutual occurrence of adhesion of particles or powder solid, is often required mixing machinery with mechanical turning and pressure, rolling and other actions.
  Groove mixer can be a variety of materials with a uniform mixture, Groove Mixer is divided into gas and liquid of low viscosity mixers, high viscosity liquids and pastes Groove Mixer groove of the thermoplastic material mixed machine, powder and granular solid materials Groove mixed mechanical four major categories. And more powdery, granular solid material groove mixing machinery for intermittent operation, including both the role of mixing and grinding machinery, such as wheel rolling machine.
  Groove mixer when in use, the development of maintenance procedures, in addition to general equipment maintenance rules, yet note the following:
  1, groove mixer device initial 10 hours of operation, it should be a comprehensive examination, if necessary, join parts to tighten.
  After the initial 10 hours of operation equipment should check the level of triangular belt tensioner tighten screw adjustment Triangle evenly taut should the motor base plate locking bolts tightened to prevent loosening.
  3, the ministries of equipment shall be kept clean, especially the inner wall of the mixing vessel and the nesting hole to change the material into the cleaned, equipment is not a long time should be the inner wall and the discharge part of the smear of anti-rust grease.
  The equipment required regular checks, regular maintenance, the vulnerable parts damage, shall promptly repair, replacement.
  5, electrical equipment should be regularly checked, especially the heater and found that the damage should be replaced.
  , Electrical control box should be cleaned regularly to clean up the dust on the electrical components to prevent damage to the contactor contacts.
  Groove Mixer following failure should be how to respond?
  A failure: Groove Mixer process, such as a sudden stop.
  Approach: to be open the discharge gate to drain the material and then start the motor;
  Failure: a material door tainted powder.
  Processing: Check out the seal contact between the hopper and chassis, such as the Department of the material the door is closed lax or seal aging, should be adjusted to the position of the trip switch or replace the seal;
  Failure: a feeding mechanism, such as not working properly.
  Treatment: Check the cylinder and the gas supply system with or without fault.
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