What are the types of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry use the dryer?
   Dryer type of the pharmaceutical industry more broadly vacuum dryer, vacuum rotary dryer, triple, air dryer, spray dryer, fluidized bed, fluidized bed, freeze-drying machines and other several categories. Drying equipment must comply with the GMP requirements to ensure the rationality of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, product homogeneity, the plot is expected to meet the line cleaning requirements, etc., for drying equipment on the sterile APIs but also to meet the requirements of the online sterilization.
  The dryer used by the pharmaceutical industry are the following:
  An air drying device for easy dehydration of the particles, powder-like material, can quickly remove the material moisture (surface moisture). In air drying, due to the short residence time of material in the dryer to dry the finished product quality to get the best control. Wet material through the feeder with hot air is fully mixed in a dry, while in the wind to attract into the drying tube to further uniform drying. The wind can not be attracted to wet weight of particles in the dryer continue to impact, crushing, drying, drying tube until it can be wind pick up into the dry end of the tube for the cyclone. This equipment is mainly used for the production of oxytetracycline and some health care products in the pharmaceutical industry.
  Vacuum Dryer origin earlier, the principle of layering, the dryer heating plate will pass into the hot water or low pressure steam heating plate, as a medium, and then placed on the need for dry medicines stored in a dry reel board, close the door, the tank using a vacuum pump to air out, forming a vacuum environment. The heating plate of the heating medium circulation flow in Drug heated to a specified temperature, the moisture will start to evaporate and take away gradually with the vacuum. The drying equipment is easy to control the drying process drugs can not easily be contaminated, dry and apply drugs on the sterilization of the package material.
  Vacuum rotary dryer from a double cone mixer, multi-cylindrical body of two cone-shaped, also commonly known as double cone dryer. The cone Central two hollow shaft suspended, for the device rotation support and vacuum, hot water channel. Drug side dry in the dryer side of rotation, a good guarantee for the whole batch uniformity of drug imports pump Custer red wine. Thermal media by the end of the hollow tube into the jacket, inside the heat with the other end of the hollow tube exhaust pipe emissions, volatile solvent and condensate recovery. The simple batch production operation of this device is easy to adjust, line cleaning and on-line sterilization, has therefore become the preferred dryer for small and medium-sized antibiotic raw material drug companies, like penicillin, lincomycin, chlortetracycline, caffeine can be selected.
  Three-in-one device, the so-called triple filtration, washing, drying three processes, three-in-one device is perfect these three important processes in the filter with the way forward, the same workflow material evenly over by the feeder to bring in the filter, filter with gear drag to move inside the drier. Solvent washing in the washing, filtration segment, cold vacuum pumping recycled solvent mother liquor; hot air into the drying section, vacuum exclude condensate recovery solvent. For large production batch production, and for good air permeability of granular materials dry, finished uniform drying of Vitamin C and penicillin industrial applications is very wide. This equipment is relatively confined to poor, can not arrange online cleaning and on-line sterilization, so only suitable for dry non-sterile APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates.
  Freeze-drying machine is suitable for drying heat-sensitive or easily oxidized drugs, commonly known as freeze dryers, including a box of freeze-dried, vacuum system, heating system, cooling system. Drug substance and drug product for dry application of freeze dryers are many. The main requirements of high reliability and fully functional sterilization, the same shelf and the temperature difference between the plate layer is not greater than 1.5 ° C [2], which also must demand better flatness of the shelf. This device dry bulk drugs, in order to ensure the homogeneity of the product, it is best to increase the mixed powder feeder. Ampicillin, a large number of blood products, artificial cultivation of drugs, antibodies, vaccines, etc. most of the choice of the freeze dryer.
  Spray Dryer operating principle is similar to air drying. The beginning of the filter in the air generated by the heater, hot air through several levels of filtration (medicines grade optional) into the drying chamber and uniform rotation of the airflow generated by the hot air distributor in the drying chamber at the top of the volute channel. Material by filtration through centrifugal atomizer plate or pressure nozzle, resulting in scattered, fine mist of material and material fog and swirl the hot air contact, moisture evaporates quickly, within a very short time the materials are dry. This device is suitable for the flow of the solution, emulsion, suspension, paste, liquid good dry and liquid materials, bulk drugs industry like streptomycin, gentamicin, and drying a variety of biological extracts can be selected this equipment.
  The above part of the drying equipment, only the pharmaceutical industry, followed by the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical machinery industry is also closely follow their footsteps. Development will be competitive, pharmaceutical companies in the choice of pharmaceutical machinery from many aspects to consider, it will be the trade-off
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