Universal grinder history of the development and characteristics
   The shredders development has gone through a lengthy process. Can be traced back two thousand years ago known as the "Big Four" of Chinese civilization. Of course, at that time, the equipment is simple, just a simple hand operated machine to break the "leverage". Book day, when it comes to open these. But by the world. Era, steam, early with a strong performance of the automatic grinder. Reach power revolution ", so that the grinder will never change.
  The development of the grinding equipment manufacturing industry in China only after the liberation, the first copy. Of course, is modeled on the Soviet Union. 1958, Sino-Soviet split, and at night to withdraw all the experts to help China Construction, took all the design drawings. That year, our technical department in the design stage. Truly effective in the 1966 series design. Since the 1970s, the end to break the equipment began in foreign countries, the gradual emergence of this new technology, such as pneumatic clutch, hydrostatic bearing grinder, advanced lubrication method, the lifting device, and chromium wear Li Ning board and rubber mill steel Li Ning panels, automatic control equipment, etc., but also increase the variety and expand the size of grinder, a new level of China's manufacturing industry, and increase to narrow the gap with foreign advanced level.
  Crushing equipment enterprises in China has been committed to research and development, broken equipment, the products have been sold all over China. From the customer's recognition and praise. In the new phase, we will continue to work hard to live up to our time mission.
  Universal grinder and broken materials come into contact with all regions of the stainless steel materials, and good corrosion resistance. Around the fully enclosed, easy to clean, and the processing of the cabinet, the wall to be flat, smooth surface, medicine, food and chemical production more in line with national standards.
  When the material feed inlet into the machine to immediate high-speed rotation of the hammer (tooth film), breaking the casting material to hit the broken circuit board, when the material in the crusher in a number of shocks and continuous small hole size, the screen through the screen holes into the indoor fan blades rotate, negative pressure will be sucked out of the material, blown through the fan blades designated clearing equipment
  Universal grinder with three times the activity in the spindle gear plate, the cover of the grinding chamber with fixed gear, fixed teeth disc sets of double circle with the fixed ring gear of the gear. Events chainring tooth plate and the fixed ring gear intertwined. Spindle high-speed operation, activities run of the tooth plate, and materials thrown into the gap between the head. The mutual influence each other in the materials and dental or material, shear, friction effects, get crushed. Finished sieve the grinding chamber into the capture bag, coarse material to continue. Can be used for raw material grinding degree adjustment. Screen, universal grinder structure is simple, durable, and easy maintenance, high output, smooth operation.
  1) rotor crusher is applicable not only to dry and brittle material, also applies to part of the toughness and fiber materials.
  2) strong friction, the material in the large-caliber machine temperature rise, leading to dehydration.
  3) broken to immediately release, resulting in excessive crushing waste of energy.
  4) crushing uniform particle size
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