Vacuum Dryer and general dryer

   I believe many people are not very clear on the difference between the vacuum dryer and general dryer to Talking about this distinction between the two. First, they are commonly used in drying equipment used for drying materials, can also provide the experimental temperature environment required. Dryer applications, chemical, electronics, foundry, automotive, food, machinery and other industries. Generally divided into a galvanized steel sheet and stainless steel liner, and digital display of the pointer, natural convection, and blast cycle.
  The performance characteristics of the domestic new vacuum dryer:
  ◆ shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate manufacturing, surface electrostatic spray;
  ◆ vacuum dryer temperature control system adopts microcomputer microcontroller technology, temperature control, timing, over-temperature alarm;
  ◆ reasonable air duct and circulatory system, the working chamber temperature uniformity of change;
  ◆ displayed as a dual high-brightness digital display, the value displayed, superior performance, the touch buttons to set the adjustable parameters;
  ◆ thermostat sensor is the capacitive imported components;
  ◆ With the timing and time;
  ◆ liner made of stainless steel material; corners semicircular is easy to clean;
  ◆ Imported motor and blades, micro-wind circulation, and allows users to eliminate the worry about the culture of small or powder related articles disperse doubts;
  Vacuum dryer designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed and ease of oxidation of the material and design, into the internal inert gas, in particular the composition of complex items for quick drying.
  Scope: vacuum dryer is widely used in biochemistry, chemical and pharmaceutical, health care, agricultural research, environmental protection and other application areas as dry powder, baking and a variety of glass containers, disinfection and sterilization only. Particularly suitable for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed, easily oxidized material and of the complex fabric items fast and efficient drying process.
  The structure and working principle of the vacuum dryer
  Electric vacuum dryer housing is made of steel stamping, folding system is welded, the shell surface using high-intensity electrostatic spray coating processing, the film is smooth and solid. Studio using the discount system for carbon steel plate or stainless steel plate welded between the studio and the shell filled with cotton insulation. Inside the studio put the shelf of the test product used to place a variety of test items, and studios around the outer wall equipped with a mica heater. The door seals with silicon rubber seal on the door has available for observation with the endoscope. Electric vacuum dryer for taking the time inflated by the solenoid valve control, electrical machine equipped with a vacuum gauge, temperature control instrumentation and control switch in the front panel of the left or the lower part of the body, electrical machines, electrical machine equipped with electrical components.
  The electric vacuum dryer can make the working chamber to maintain a certain degree of vacuum and intelligent digital temperature control, temperature setting, display and control. The temperature regulator uses computer technology to work the room temperature signal acquisition, processing, and can make work the room temperature automatically to maintain constant temperature. The temperature control system is intelligent PID temperature control, reliable performance, easy to use.
  Intelligent temperature regulator are over-temperature protection. If the device work process work the room temperature exceeds the set temperature, over-temperature protection circuit action, cut off the heating circuit.
  Dry the advantages of vacuum technology
  Vacuum dryer than ordinary dryer has the following advantages:
  ◆ vacuum environment greatly reduces the boiling point of liquid you need to get rid of the vacuum drying can be easily applied to the heat-sensitive material;
  Not easy to dry samples, such as powder or other granular samples, using vacuum drying method can effectively shorten the drying time;
  ◆ a variety of complex structures of mechanical components or other porous samples after washing, vacuum drying method to dry completely without leaving any residues;
  ◆ the use of safer ---- in vacuum or inert conditions, completely eliminate the possibility of explosion of the oxide when exposed to heat;
  ◆ Compared with ordinary dry rely on air circulation, the powder samples do not flow air blowing or moving;

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