The scope of the application of the principle features of the universal grinder and vacuum dryer

   Universal grinder is a high-speed rotary-percussive, depending on the structure and force through a combination of different crushed components, can be composed of the turbine, the needle rod, wing plate, semi-ring gear mesh screened with the full ring gear several smash devices.
  The working principle of universal grinder:
  Universal grinder work material from the hopper by screw conveyor into the crushing chamber, the use of high-speed rotation of the rotor (such as leaves, needles, rods, tooth, etc.) and the strong impact force generated between the fixed stator (ring gear) friction leaving the material in the shear force was crushed to the strong impact, shear friction leaving the material to be crushed powder from the plane cavity through the sieve, particle size through the screen switch to a different aperture. Universal grinder is the use of relatively high-speed operation of the activity gear and fixed gear, so that the material being crushed by the impact of tooth plate, universal grinder friction and material collisions with each other and crushed. The crushed material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber, the particle size determined by the switch to a different mesh sieve. Universal grinder structure is simple, strong, smooth operation, the crushed material quickly, even to good effect. The machine are all made of stainless steel chassis internal (crushed slot) all alveolar precision machining to achieve a smooth surface, easy to clean and change the rough inner wall of ordinary grinder, easy to build up the powder, hard to clean up the phenomenon, so that food, drugs, chemical production more in line with national standards, to achieve the health requirements of the GMP.
  Universal grinder performance characteristics:
  (1) high yield, low noise, low power consumption, simple maintenance, easy installation;
  (2) accurate and appropriate clearance between rotor and stator, smashing the best results;
  (3) and good sealing performance, built-in labyrinth seals, door O-ring to prevent dust escape;
  (4) Due to the high-speed rotation of the rotor, into a lot of air and thus self-cooling function, the applicable requirements of low heat-sensitive material to crush;
  (5) pipe connections with quick release structure can quickly and easily removable, cleaning;
  (6) can be equipped with a cyclone separator and dust, no dust emissions in the production process, trapping dust bags can effectively withhold the powder in the air stream. At the same time, the dust trap bag retention of the powder can effectively recover and reduce the attrition rate of the material.
  Analysis of the characteristics and scope of application of the vacuum dryer
  Vacuum Dryer is by removing the packaging container internal air to reach a predetermined degree of vacuum inside the container of water equipment, remove. Work when dry, the tank in a vacuum jacket through hot water (or steam, conducting oil) heating, with the tank low-speed rotation, the material in the tank continuously from top to bottom, inside and outside as a "diamond-shaped trajectory" movement and to absorb the evaporation of water The steam is continuously discharged through the vacuum line to achieve the purpose of drying. According to customer requirements in the dry mixture at the same time, built-in spray, filtering, grinding, and other devices to achieve its multi-function operation.
  The vacuum drying process is a complex, time-varying nonlinear industrial processes, drying control is to adjust and control the process parameters that affect the entire drying process.
  Vacuum dryer can be applied to high value-added, and heat-sensitive agricultural and sideline products, health products, food, herbs, fruits and vegetables, chemical raw materials such as dehydration and drying; low temperature concentration for chemical products, removal of water of crystallization, the enzyme preparation drying; vacuum extraction of Chinese herbal medicine; applicable in the laboratory of the research institutions. Vacuum dryer to extend the shelf life of food, preserving food's original flavor and nutrients, and to retain the physiological activity of the raw materials, enhance the functionality of the health food, increase the added value of agricultural products have an advantage.
  Analysis of Vacuum Drying characteristics:
  A. Vacuum Dryer has low drying temperature, drying chamber relative hypoxia, can avoid fat oxidation, pigment browning, a number of advantages, suitable for drying heat-sensitive food materials, in addition to equipment costs, drying costs are relatively low, vacuum drying machine in the food drying midpoint important position.
  Two. The combination of vacuum dryer and microwave heating technology, or other drying methods, there have been many new vacuum dryer to give the vacuum drying new meaning and vitality.
  3. Vacuum microwave drying absorption of microwave heating and vacuum drying the advantages of both, is a promising drying technique, it is recommended to speed up research and development of microwave vacuum dryer.
  Vacuum Dryer applicable:
  Vacuum dryer is widely used in biochemistry, chemical and pharmaceutical, health care, agricultural research, environmental protection and other applications, for the dry powder, baking and a variety of glass containers, disinfection and sterilization only. Particularly suitable for the easily decomposed at high temperatures, aggregation and low-temperature drying of the deterioration of the heat-sensitive materials. Also be used for drying heat-sensitive, easy to break down easily oxidized material and of the complex fabric items fast and efficient drying process.

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