Features and optional universal grinder
Universal grinder entire system silos, mechanical grinder, induced draft fan, the composition of the cyclone, vibrating screen, liquid nitrogen tank, the cryogenic grinder system with liquid nitrogen as a cold source material being crushed by the cooling at low temperatures the embrittlement easy to smash the state, go to the combined effects of mechanical grinder inside the cavity between the high-speed rotation of the impeller, materials and blades, gear, materials and material to repeated impact, collision, shear, friction, to reach the crushing effect. Crushed material airflow screening machine classification and collection. Did not meet the requirements of the fineness of the material back to the silo to continue crushing, air-conditioned most of the return silo cycle use. The cryogenic grinder system in the material grinding process, the cold source to form a closed loop system, the energy to be fully utilized to save energy: the smash cold source temperature can be reduced to negative 196 degrees, according to the embrittlement of the material point temperature, the temperature in the crushing process can be regulated to select the best grinding temperature, reducing energy consumption. Fineness of 10-700 mesh, even to the micron μ fineness. Using liquid nitrogen as the grinding media, to achieve ultra-low temperature grinding, the combined effect of the explosion, oxidation and other materials.
  A. Excited crush force and power with the appropriate crush force, the body is light weight, small size.
  Knife mill is strong resistance type crushed rather than the total of pieces, so the stability of the broken pieces.
  (3) to produce crushed due to the use of smooth rotation, low noise.
  (4) universal grinder to crush the frequency range. Ordinary shock broken the grinding frequency is fixed and generally equal to the power frequency, the knife mill crushing frequency by adjusting the speed to be adjusted, and can choose according to the different uses crushing frequency and broken pieces.
  Universal grinder and long service life, bearing life of 5000 hours 2-pole, 4, 6, 8 pole up to 10,000 hours.
  By power fluctuations, the common shock broken device due to the voltage change caused by the shock broken force a major change, but the knife mill, this change is very small.
  7 multi-machine combination, to achieve self-synchronization to complete the requirements of different processes.
  8 according to the installation of the knife mill to change the direction of the shock broken force.
  Simply adjust the angle of the eccentric block can be adjusted stepless shock force crushed and broken pieces to meet the needs of a variety of conditions.
  10 maintenance is simple, unlike the electromagnetic as spring, so a similar gap adjustment, weight adjustment and other maintenance work may be exempted only require regular maintenance bearings.
  11 machine rich, complete specifications, to meet the work needs of the various types of shredders.
  The choice of the universal grinder
  If you choose to smash traditional Chinese medicine, the preferred winnowing Chinese medicine grinder or herbs mill group, the advantage of a variety of the nature of traditional Chinese medicine can be crushed;
  , Such as crush the brittle type, a hard type of traditional Chinese medicine, the smaller the amount of tens of grams to several kilograms, you can choose a low-noise grinder, small high-speed grinder;
  3, unified uniform need to use low-noise grinder fineness;
  4, such as the drugs do not have the slightest loss, selection of small high-speed grinder;
  5, the output, you can select universal grinder;
  6, such as the crushing amount of western medicine, pearls, chemical raw materials, food, raw materials, minerals, soil, coal and other materials can choose a low-noise grinder, small high-speed grinder with grinder, universal grinder, or experimental;
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