Universal grinder _ bipyramid rotation vacuum dryer operating procedures and precautions

   Universal grinder operating procedures and precautions
  Universal grinder relative motion between the activities gear and fixed gear, the crushed material to the tooth impact, friction and material impact each other and crushed. Crushed good material by the rotating centrifugal force automatically into the trap bag by bag filter dust from the vacuum box recycling. Universal grinder, food and other industries in the pharmaceutical, chemical, sugar, crushed, crushed and vacuum as one of the new generation of grinding equipment.
  1, prior to use, first check the universal grinder all fasteners are tightened, belt tensioners.
  2, universal grinder spindle running direction must comply with the protective hood as shown in the direction of the arrow, otherwise it will damage the machine, and may cause personal injury.
  3, check whether the universal grinder electrical integrity.
  4, check the universal grinder crush indoor or without metal and other hard debris, otherwise they will bash tool to influence the operation of the machine.
  5, regular inspection tool with the screen is damaged, if damaged, should be replaced immediately.
  6, the material must be crushed before the check purity, does not allow metal and hard debris mixed in, to avoid to damage the tool or cause burning and other accidents.
  7, the oil cup on the universal grinder should always be injected into the lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
  8, the machine used universal grinder experience small vibration, be sure to cover the connection handle to tighten, to avoid the accident.
  9, stop, stop feeding, if not continue to use to clear the remnants inside.
  _ Note _ Maintenance double cone rotary vacuum dryer operating process
  A double cone rotary vacuum dryer operating process
  Before starting the examination:
  Turn on the vacuum pump, the tank has reached a certain degree of vacuum, the material tube is inserted in the powder, the use of vacuum material inhaled tank, the added material shall not exceed 50% of the total volume and the material may not be with hard lumps. Material density or excessive moisture, feed rate should decrease.
  Two pumping material to complete the feed inlet directly connected to the atmosphere, close the vacuum valve on the road, remove the feed took over, installed motivated material pipe cap, and to ensure the seal.
  3, open the valve of the vacuum line, so that the tank up to a certain degree of vacuum.
  4, open the double cone rotary vacuum dryer start button, so that the container around the horizontal axis of rotation.
  5, open the double cone rotary vacuum dryer jacket heating steam (or hot) water inlet valve on the tank material heating and drying, but in drying the beginning should be intermittent rotation, to reduce or eliminate the phenomenon of material agglomerate.
  6, depending on the operating experience / dissolution of coal in the recovery of the amount of / inside temperature, the end of the drying process to confirm the double cone rotary vacuum dryer tank materials, cut off the steam (or hot water) and vacuum pipeline valves, and then slowly by host to the jacket through cooling the cooling water, and other materials to the appropriate temperature, the stop button and jog button and let the tank go to the desired angle.
  7 Turn off the vacuum pump, open the vacuum line valve, open the vent valve on the vacuum system, so that the tank connected to the atmosphere.
  8, open double cone rotary vacuum dryer discharge manhole covers discharge.
  9, cleaning the tank of residual materials, close the discharge hole cover to prevent dust from entering the tank.
  10, the tank body filter location up.
  11, the filter meets the process requirements, bar industrial fabric.
  12, turn off the feed / discharge manhole covers.
  13, the feed manhole cover feed tube on the tube cap to remove and put on the feed receiver.
  Two. Double cone rotary vacuum dryer Note
  1, the double cone rotary vacuum dryer heating and cooling needs slow, users should take appropriate material circumstances l / cooling speed.
  2, the operation of the process of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer, For sampling, in accordance with the provisions in Article 10, the host first stop, and then sampling, the sampling is completed in accordance with the provisions of section 11/12 re car.
  Three, double cone rotary vacuum dryer maintenance
  1, the chain drive chain, at least monthly fuel once.
  2, Twin Cone rotary vacuum dryer vacuum tube and a host form of the axis of rotation ring (made of fluorine rubber), should be replaced immediately when found leak.
  Double cone rotary vacuum dryer operation as the operation time, usually in operation for six months to a year should check the repair, maintenance should be the original location of the assembly, and adjust the spacing and tolerances of the various parts required to replace or supplement the corresponding lubrication fat.
  4, Rolling selected MOS2 compound calcium based grease (2FG-1E) maximum use temperature of 150 ° C, at least a month should be checked once and found the grease dries, it should be immediately cleaned and put new grease.
  5, cylindrical worm gear box (or CVT) maintenance in accordance with its instructions.
  Double cone rotary vacuum dryer tank filter, drying time, that is clear around inhaling the powder, so that the filter flow.

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