The differences and advantages of the vacuum dryer and dryer

   The dryer is a use of heat to reduce the material moisture content of the machinery and equipment for the drying operation of the object. Dryer by heating the moisture in the materials (generally refers to water or other volatile liquid components) vaporization of escape, in order to obtain the specified moisture content of solid materials.
  The dryer is divided into the two types of ambient pressure drying machine (drying machine) and vacuum drying machine (vacuum dryer), operate in a vacuum to reduce the space of moisture vapor partial pressure and speed up the drying process and can reduce the moisture boiling point and the drying temperature, the steam is not leaked, the two main differences are as follows:
  1, the vacuum dryer is working in the vacuum state, while ordinary dryer work under atmospheric pressure;
  From the structure, vacuum dryer with vacuum pumps and other vacuum devices, ordinary dryer for these devices.
  Since the vacuum dryer is to work in the vacuum state, compared to an ordinary dryer has the following advantages:
  A vacuum environment greatly reduces the boiling point of liquid you need to get rid of the vacuum drying can be easily applied to the heat-sensitive substances;
  2, is not easy to dry samples, such as powder or other granular samples using vacuum drying method can effectively shorten the drying time;
  3, a variety of complex structures of machinery parts or other porous sample after washing using vacuum drying method to dry completely without leaving any residues;
  4, the use of safer ---- under vacuum or inert conditions to completely eliminate the possibility of oxide heated and explode;
  5, compared to rely on air circulation ordinary dry powder samples do not flow of air blowing or moving;
  6, suitable for drying heat-sensitive, easily oxidized, explosive and toxic materials, and moisture vapor recovery occasions.

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