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   The main problems in the extrusion granulating machine screen NetEase bad, sealed well, the material has entered the gear box, bearings killed.
  Mesh reinforcement and change the transition point of view of the granulating knife to increase the service life of the screen, select the appropriate seal to seal.
  The fluidized bed granulation existence of higher processing costs, a lower yield, loss, but it is easy to disintegration, the appearance of good.
  Particles from the fluidized bed is a hybrid in which large particles, the right particle, as well as powder, qualified particles is generally about 20-80 mesh, if large particles are crushed and then granulation, so that will take to processing costs, general pesticide manufacturers to take the whole way, whole generally has two machines whole, a whole machine there is a rock particles machine, the principle is that of the whole machine to screen network does not turn turn the whole cage and rock particles machine principle is that the screen does not turn the cage turn former advantage is to screen non-perishable, but after the whole powder more, the latter sieve NetEase bad, but received higher rate for many pesticide manufacturers, usually first with the whole machine of large particles the whole broken, and then then the rock particles machine into suitable particles, but due to the utilization of the machine is small, so the general manufacturers do not want to same time to buy two devices, another method is the first large aperture sieve mounted machine again, the rock particles, and then pack a small aperture sieve, but generally the actual operation workers do not want to always change the screen. So this will yield low sieve the NetEase bad phenomenon.
  Rock particles, the machine at room temperature granulation, a molding. Used in low energy consumption, long life, the rate of granule forming up to 100%. Advanced technology, low production costs, more advanced medical granulation equipment.
  Rock particles, Main features:
  A low noise, high output, easy operation, easy maintenance.
  2 screen assembly and disassembly is easy, but also appropriate to adjust the tightness of the drum to facilitate the demolition.
  3 cleaning. Rotating drum with a stainless steel, ensure that the quality of processing materials clean and not discolored.
  4 The speed can be adjusted.
  Rock particles, Features
  Rock particles, machines can be made of a mixture of wet powder bar particles, the block of dry material is crushed into the desired particles can also be fragile, easy to loose some strips and irregular, compared with the playing of brittle materials broken and broken up for use as a mill before the procedure. Not suitable for the use of solid, liquid, paste or ground.
  Working principle
  Rock particles machine is a mechanical transmission, the role of friction, the drum rotation, and positive and negative rotation of the rotating drum of the powdered materials discharged from the sieve holes, sent outside the machine. Adjust the screen of the slack and the drum speed, particle size and density can be controlled to a certain extent.
  Applicable industry
  Rock particles, simple structure, wide adaptability, widely used in the granulation of the powder raw materials of medicine, food, health products, chemicals, fertilizer, building materials, smelting and other industries. The factory production of particles can be used on the granules processing, feed processing, fertilizer processing, food processing, manufacturing all kinds of particles in the pharmaceutical, chemical, feed, food and other industries. Rock particles, the machine only for particle production is not suitable for use in solid, liquid, paste or ground.
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