Universal grinder staff operating manual
1, bearing shoulder the entire load of the universal grinder, so good lubrication of the bearing life of a great relationship, it directly affects the life and operation rate of the universal grinder, which required the injection of lubricant must be clean, seal must be gooduniversal grinder oiling at the rotating bearing (2) (1) roller bearing (3) all the gear (4) activities bearings, sliding plane.
  2, the newly installed tire prone to loosening must always be checked.
  Note universal grinder parts of working properly.
  4, pay attention to check the wear parts wear, and pay attention to the replacement of worn parts.
  5, put the base of the plane of the active device should be out dust and other objects so as to avoid activities bearing universal grinder encounters can not be broken material in the bottom shelf mobile, resulting in a serious accident.
  6, bearing temperature rise should be immediately stopped to check the reason to eliminate them.
  7, when the gears in operation, if the impact of sound should be immediately stopped to check and eliminate.
  Universal grinder operator must be trained to achieve understanding "(to understand the structure, to understand performance, understand the principle)," four "(to use will be to maintain, to maintain, will deal with failure), by training and examinations qualified obtain certification before they are allowed induction operation.
  9, and the face conveyor drivers, drivers of transport, Lane belt conveyor in close coordination, unified signal contact, in order to open, had been closed. There are large lump coal gangue in the accumulation of spillover of the feed inlet of the grinder, you should stop work and surface scraper conveyor operation. If a large lump coal, partings can not enter the broken transit or metal objects, must be shut down processing.
  10, smash the different materials to produce heat and temperature are also different.
  11, the lower the water temperature flowing into the cooling device and cooling (heat) the better.
  12, the melting point of different materials, lighted not the same, the user must have a full understanding and grasp of the crushed material.
  13, water-cooling devices may not be booking retrofitting.
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