Universal grinder of history, advantages, features, maintenance of detailed descriptions of the
Universal grinder in the processing of agricultural products powder evaporation role in addition to the water, you can remove the moisture of the material. General evaporation of water removed about 10%. Such as to add some heat, can be in addition to water more. Agricultural products in general water content of 8-16% and there is free water and bound water. High water content materials (such as fruits, vegetables), can be crushed prior to processing, pre-dried to remove most of the water, the remaining free water evaporation in the process of crushing with the air emissions. Universal grinder crushed while taking into account the evaporation of water and exclusion.
  Universal grinder can make the material processed directly generate Powder and its average particle size in the micron and submicron level. Micronized particles is very small, resulting in many unique powder characteristics: such as significantly enhanced with medium force; improved mixed with other substances; its dispersion, inclusive, stretching, adsorption, solubility, affinity, light, electricity, magnetism, heat, explosive, reinforcement and thermal properties are changed dramatically. Does not change the molecular structure, its physical properties significantly better than the coarse particles. Greatly improve the speed of reaction in the chemical reaction. This change of the physical properties of agricultural products, and develop more new products to improve quality, expand the usefulness of agricultural products and increase the value of agricultural products. High-grade food ingredients for the food industry.
  Agri-food powder processing can cause denaturation and modification of the material because the material impact of the strong adjustment of airflow, make the physical and chemical properties of the materials change, particularly in the beans, grain processing is more effective. Agricultural products, fine, so that the material particles is small than large, our efforts to improve product quality and enhance the flavor of agricultural products. Especially in the use of flavor enhancers, herbal. Mill in the requirements of the particles can reach the set effect.
  Universal grinder activities gear and fixed gear see the relative motion, the material being crushed by the teeth impact, friction and material to each other the impact of the combined effects of crush. Universal grinder to apply to the use of many varieties such as medicine, agriculture, food, chemicals, alloys, metallurgical, geological, scientific research units, small quantities of herbs, precious medicinal herbs, ore, chemical raw materials crushed.
  Universal grinder structure is simple, sturdy, stable operation, good crushed, the crushed material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber, particle size sieve to obtain the network through the switch to a different aperture. It set the powder room to a fully enclosed muffler structure, can effectively reduce noise. Another machine made of stainless steel. Casing inner wall all by machining to achieve a smooth surface, changing the previous models of the inner wall is rough, the phenomenon of accumulated powder, medicines, food, chemical production more in line with national standards, to meet the requirements of the GMP.
  Universal grinder and broken materials come into contact with all regions of the stainless steel materials, and good corrosion resistance. Around the fully enclosed, easy to clean, machine * shell processing, the wall should be flat, smooth surface, medicine, food and chemical production more in line with national standards. This machine is currently the exclusive production.
  When the material feed inlet into the machine to immediate high-speed rotation of the hammer (tooth film), breaking the casting material to hit the broken circuit board, when the material in the crusher in a number of shocks and continuous small hole size, the screen through the screen holes into the indoor fan blades rotate, negative pressure will be sucked out of the material, blown through the fan blades designated clearing equipment
  This machine is equipped with three times the activity in the spindle gear plate, the cover of the grinding chamber with fixed gear, fixed gear set of double-lap fixed ring gear with teeth. Events chainring tooth plate and the fixed ring gear intertwined. Spindle high-speed operation, activities run of the tooth plate, and materials thrown into the gap between the head. The mutual influence each other in the materials and dental or material, shear, friction effects, get crushed. Finished sieve the grinding chamber into the capture bag, coarse material to continue. Can be used for raw material grinding degree adjustment. Screen, the machine structure is simple, durable, and easy maintenance, high output, smooth operation.
  Universal grinder advantage
  1) rotor crusher is applicable not only to dry and brittle material, also applies to part of the toughness and fiber materials.
  2) strong friction, the material in the large-caliber machine temperature rise, leading to dehydration.
  3) broken to immediately release, resulting in excessive crushing waste of energy.
  4) crushing uniform particle size.
  Operation and use of universal grinder
  1, prior to use, first check the universal grinder all fasteners are tightened, belt tensioners.
  2, universal grinder spindle running direction must comply with the protective hood as shown in the direction of the arrow, otherwise it will damage the universal grinder, and may cause personal injury.
  3, check whether the universal grinder electrical integrity.
  4, check the universal grinder crush indoor or without metal and other hard debris, otherwise they will bash tool to influence the operation of the universal grinder.
  5, the material must be crushed before the check purity, does not allow metal and hard debris mixed in, to avoid to damage the tool or cause burning and other accidents.
  6, the oil cup on the universal grinder should always be injected into the lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the universal grinder.
  7, stop, stop feeding, if not continue to use to clear the remnants inside.
  8, regularly check the universal grinder tool with the screen is damaged, if damaged, should be replaced immediately.
  9, used universal grinder body there will be a slight vibration, be sure to cover the connection handle tighten to avoid accidents
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