The structural principle of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer and double helical ribbon mixer and Scope

   Double cone rotary vacuum dryer principle of the structure and Scope
  The double cone rotary vacuum dryer set mixed - dry in one dryer. Condensers, vacuum pumps and dryer facilities, to form a vacuum drying device. (Such as the need for solvent recovery condenser may or may not) the design of the machine lost into the internal structure of simple, easy cleaning, the material to discharge all, easy to operate. Can reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment. At the same time also rotate due to the container itself, rotation of materials, but the wall of the plot is not material, and therefore a higher heat transfer coefficient, drying rate, not only saving energy, and materials can be dried evenly full, good quality. Can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dyes and other industries is dry. Powder, granular and fibrous materials for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries concentrate, mixing, drying and require low temperature and dry materials (such as chemical and biological products), applies easily oxidized, volatile, heat-sensitive strongly stimulated toxic materials and does not allow the crystal material is dry.
  Double cone rotary vacuum dryer for the double cone rotating tank, the tank under vacuum jacket steam or hot water heating, exposure to heat through the tank wall and the wet material. Wet OBJECTS endothermic evaporation of water vapor through the vacuum pump can be pumped out by the vacuum exhaust pipe. The tank body in a vacuum, and the rotating of tank material continuously from top to bottom, inside and outside turning, it accelerated the drying rate of the material, improve the drying efficiency, to achieve uniform drying purposes.
  Double cone rotary vacuum dryer using a wide range in such fields as pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical, has had its uses. In each area of ??its selection criteria are not the same, this is because the requirements and parameters of the dry materials in various fields have a greater difference. For example: in the pharmaceutical industry (especially traditional Chinese medicine) extract general viscosity, and drying temperature requirements more stringent, precise control of the melting point (especially multi-carbohydrate materials), the vacuum control range to meet heating temperature requirements of different segments, with online auto adjustment function. Double cone rotary vacuum dryer for medicine, food, chemical industry, powder, granular materials, vacuum drying and mixing, especially for materials of the following requirements:
  One can not accept the high temperature of the heat-sensitive materials
  2, easily oxidized, hazardous materials
  3, come back to the host agents and toxic gases
  4, the crystalline shape required materials
  5 requires a very low residual volatile matter content materials
  Structural principle and scope of application of the double helical ribbon mixer
  Double helical ribbon mixer for solid (powder) - solid (powder) mixed and solid (powder) - a mixture of the liquid. The double helical ribbon mixer for atmospheric operating environment. A direct drive to drive the device movement, torque control coupling allows the machine to start under full load, to prevent danger due to overload caused. According to user requirements, designed with the vacuum helical ribbon mixer with cool double helical ribbon mixer or heating jacket double helical ribbon mixer. Mixing speed, and general powder mixed to take about ten minutes.
  The double helical ribbon mixer by the drive mechanism, a "u" Simplified ribbon stirring institutions, cover, bracket and a feed mechanism and other components. Motor through the reducer to drive the screw with a stirring mechanism to turn the one hand, the material generated to move up and down the other hand, due to the characteristic advantages of the spiral strip material to produce internal and external convection to achieve the purpose of well-mixed, it has three standard mixing design a continuous ribbon, interrupted ribbon and blades, respectively, according to the requirements of the center or bottom of the material to be selected.
  The double helical ribbon mixer is from U to describe the screw with the mixing blades and transmission components; the long U-shaped tube structure, to ensure the mixing materials (powder, semiliquid) in the cylinder body resistance exercise. The positive and negative rotating screw installed on the same horizontal axis, the formation of a low-power-efficient hybrid environment, the spiral ribbon leaves are generally made of double or triple, the outer layer of spiral pooled material from both sides to the central, inner spiral materials from the center to both sides of the conveyor allows materials to flow in the formation of more vortex. Accelerate the mixing rate and improve the mixing uniformity.
  Double helical ribbon mixer special layout of the snail with the spindle driven by an electric motor through reducer, external spiral strip material to the center but set within the spiral strip material to a certain location or end plate, the two materials for The mutual diffusion, convection, shear dislocation and radial movement, so that the material within a very short time to achieve mixed results. There are three standard mixing design --- continuous ribbon and discontinuous ribbon and the blade design is optional. They are assigned to be ranked in accordance with the requirements of the center or bottom discharge.
  Double helical ribbon mixer is widely used in putty paste, lacquer, powder, putty, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, feed, ceramics, refractories, and other solid - solid (powder and powder), solid - pulp (ie, powder body with glue slurry) mixture, in particular, to adapt to the mixing of viscous materials. Fiber content, the density differences of materials mixing, the mixer is not suitable. Putty paste, lacquer, biology, medicine, food industry, it is recommended to use stainless steel. Under normal circumstances, the mixed dry mortar containing glass beads of material, it is recommended that horizontal double ribbon mixer.
  Double helical ribbon mixer applicable: (ie, powder and powder) solid - pulp (used in pesticides, veterinary drugs, food, chemicals, biotechnology, aquaculture, ceramics, refractories, plastics, fertilizer and other solid - solid powder and glue slurry) mixture, particularly adapted to a viscous material mixed.

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