Advantages and disadvantages of rock particles, machines and vacuum dryer
   The advantages and disadvantages of the rock particles,
  Rock particles, machines for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other Kazakh industry, agriculture, and the wet powder material system turner particles can crush a block of dry material. Rock particles, the working principle is to swing back and forth through mechanical rotation roller, the material from the sieve-extruded particles or crushed granulation. However, in the mechanism of grain process of rock particles, there is a small wire mesh wear, and mingled in the powder may be. Approach is now commonly used by some manufacturers in the post-process using a strong magnet to small wire suction.
  Vacuum Dryer has many advantages: low pressure dry oxygen content is low, to prevent the oxidative deterioration of the dry material can be dry and inflammable and explosive dangerous goods; so that the vaporization of moisture in the material at low temperature, easy to dry heat sensitive materials; capable of recovering the valuable and useful ingredients; be dried materials can prevent the emission of dry materials, toxic and hazardous substances can be environmentally friendly types of "green" dry. Therefore, the increasingly widespread application of vacuum drying equipment.
  Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum dryer of
  The main drawback of the vacuum dryer is need for a pumping steam vacuum system, making the investment in equipment costs, high operating costs; low efficiency of equipment, production of small. To overcome these shortcomings, many technology workers, to make a lot of effort. Also, because the vacuum drying has many advantages, some products have to vacuum drying equipment. Therefore, the development of vacuum drying equipment will be promising. One at home and abroad continuous vacuum drying equipment uneven development to improve the production of equipment to ensure product quality, abroad a decade ago to develop a variety of continuous vacuum drying equipment. However, at home by the technical level and awareness of the concept of the restrictions, the development is relatively slow.
  1) with continuous vacuum drying equipment
  Japan's Sakamoto production produced by the WL-the VAQ type with continuous vacuum drying equipment, suitable for liquid materials, mud-like, boring and dry paste cream sued the concentration and high viscosity. Japan Okawa BV, the original strain production-100.5 type vacuum belt drying plant, using steam and conduction heating, the temperature of each section adjustable conveyor belt tension and speed adjustable. Switzerland Buhe - Gade has developed a series of continuous vacuum drying equipment with automatic cleaning device.
  Since 1995 engaged in a continuous vacuum belt drying equipment design, manufacture, installation and service, the technology is relatively mature.
  Domestic belt continuous vacuum drying equipment and rare, Agricultural Research Institute of Guangdong Province in 2004 the successful development of small-scale test equipment, used dried banana powder, very good.
  2) grain continuous vacuum drying equipment
  Grain drying a large amount, must be continuous drying equipment. Countries around the world have developed a lot of grain drying equipment, vacuum drying grain is used in seed drying, vacuum drying cost is too high. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, According to the Zhengzhou Grain Science Research and Design Institute of Ho Cheung, Senior Engineer, vacuum drying equipment they developed continuous corn production capacity of 60t / d, fixed investment was slightly higher than the hot air drying, operating costs, and hot air dry flat. If you consider the quality of the dry product, the breakage rate of the drying process, the storm waist rate in the low temperature vacuum drying the total cost of no less than hot air drying.
  3) continuous vacuum freeze drying equipment
  Food rich in raw materials, the output of products to be freeze-dried. Therefore, continuous food drying equipment earlier. Denmark ATLAS production in 1985 the CONRAD-800 continuous drying equipment for the production of freeze-dried coffee, the production capacity per day 13t.
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