Universal grinder and rock particles in the use of traditional Chinese medicine industry
Universal grinder to apply to the use of such as medicine, agriculture, food, chemicals, alloys, metallurgical, geological, scientific research units of multi-variety small quantities of herbs, precious medicinal herbs, minerals, chemical raw materials crushed. Universal grinder has a strong wear resistant characteristics, suitable for processing high-level and corrosive materials. Universal grinder use the relative motion between the activities fluted disc and fixed disc, the material being crushed by the teeth impact, friction, and materials to each other the impact of the combined effects of crush. Rock particles, machine structure is simple, sturdy, stable operation, crushing well being crushed material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber, particle size can switch to a different aperture sieve to obtain the casing inner wall of all the processing to achieve a smooth surface. to change the 30B type inner wall of rough, the phenomenon of accumulated powder, medicines, food, chemical production more in line with national standards, to meet the requirements of the GMP.
  Universal grinder using the machine supporting and rock particles, crushed in the Chinese medicine industry is very common, but the effect is high.
  Note the rock particles, the machine:
  , In order to the personal safety of users of the rock particles, machine, power must be grounded line.
  2, the crushed material must be dry, moisture and grease should not be processed traditional Chinese medicine.
  Crush the drug is not more than half the capacity of the rock particles machine crushed slot.
  4, general medicine crush just half a minute, hard drug smash one minute.
  5, rock particles, machines can not be continuous long-term use, each boot time is not more than five minutes. If processing a large number of the interval to prevent bearing overheating and damage the motor.
  6, the cover is open, do not start the rock particles machine switch.
  7, the long-term use of rock particles, machine, the carbon brush and blade badly worn and need replacing.
  8, regular checks of the rock particles blade screw must be tightened.
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