Construction and maintenance problems of trough mixer
The structure of the groove mixer Description:
  This reducer system for the transmission structure of the mixer, it at the right side of the machine, the motor installed in the machine plane through V-belt drive worm at work by 1:40 reducer to drive the mixer. The worm shaft is hollow and fitted with a fixed key, make the impeller freedom of assembly and disassembly. Reducer equipped with two ring screw on top of assembly and disassembly to install and use. Positioning for high-speed stirrer fitted with a screw on the end cap has been adjusted at the factory, generally in use do not have to adjust.
  Groove Mixer Manual dustproof device
  Groove mixer manual dust device includes a slide, dust-proof plate and dust the board manual lever. Slide fixed to the mixer bidding above the discharge port of the mixer rack, dust plate installed in the lower part of the wheel embedded in the slide; slide closed at one end, other end of the opening, dust-proof plate in the slide to the open end of the lateral connection manual lever of the dust board, dust board dust board to vote on the discharge port, its location in the slide to the open end side. Feed, touch the manual lever of the dust board, dust board and push inward, dust board to enter the gate and the mixer feeding port coincidence, exposed mixer feeding mouth to feed; after feeding Pull out the dust board manual rod so that the dust out and move the mixer feeding the mouth covered up to prevent dust escaping.
  The first mixing step with binder materials, fiber materials and packing materials mixed in the mixer to generate a pre-mixture of these materials and also as a wetting agent to promote homogeneity of the mixture.
  The second, non-asbestos material is added to the pre-mixture in the same mixer, the two are mixed together to produce the final friction material.
  Spiral strip type mixer to make powder a powder and a liquid material mixed powder to high-speed, high efficiency, easy operation and easy to clean, non-polluting aspects of development are widely used in medicine, food, veterinary drugs, isolated soy protein spray lecithin, paper, the industries of chemicals, feed, flavors, spices, CPE plastic particles. Mixing speed, and high efficiency. Increased by 6-10 times higher than the efficiency of the mixer. Material, finished batch of material, usually 2 to 5 minutes. Mixing process is gentle, smooth operation, low noise, and basically does not destroy the original state of the material. The phenomenon of non-polluting materials, the mixing of the device bodies integral, safe and reliable welds smooth transition of all edges and corners, easy to clean; lubrication Ministry of parts in a barrel in vitro, no drop of oil and debris material to penetrate the material, can be the sealing operation. isolated from the air of dust into the material. Mixer plow conducting device includes a mixer cylinder, located in the mixer cylinder at both ends of the cylinder end baffle, under the hopper into the cylinder end baffle, under the bottom of the next hopper welded to a conducting plate. To overcome the existing sintering mixers during rotation of materials easy to overflow from the feed inlet, clean-up time and effort, and the shortcomings of the security risks. Mixer plow conducting device structure is simple, easy to use and will not cause the phenomenon of returning materials. Groove mixer instructions and precautions:
  1, prior to use should be carried out with an air running test and check the machine in the test should be preceded by the strength of all connections within the reducer lube oil and the integrity of the electrical equipment, and then closing the master switch, which leads to the power to carry out empty running test.
  2, empty running test is not that unusual sound, bearing file high fever reducer temperature helicopter undesirable phenomena, in order to put into production.
  3, the operation For shovel scraping groove wall materials, application of bamboo tool, must not be hand to avoid hand injury accidents.
  4, in use, such as machine vibration anomalies or the issue of abnormal strange noise, should be immediately stopped and checked.
  5, using the load should not be too large, usually to determine the load on the motor, 380V motor overloaded current when they are mixed, not more than 6 amps for the normal, such as overloading should immediately reduce the mixing capacity.
  6, both ends of the agitator shaft seal should be kept clean to avoid the black material, deterioration, the mixing tank at both ends of the outside left square hole should be smooth, do not make it to plug in order to avoid anti-pressure, so that dirt infiltration axis, black tank material deterioration. 7, managers must be familiar with the technical performance of the machine, the internal structure, use the principle of control structures. Operation for a period not to leave the place of work, failure to prevent damage to the parts, in order to ensure safety in production as a precondition.
  Groove Mixer Maintenance instructions:
  Rotating flexible and wear a regularly check parts, 1-2 times a month, check the project and other activities of the worm, the worm, bearings, shaft seal part found defective should be repaired in time for normal use.
  Electrical control parts, should be kept clean, sensitive, found that the fault should be repaired in time.
  Once finished or laid off, you should remove the remaining material, brush clear the machine part of the remnants of the powder. Such as disabled a long time, the machine clean, and the tarpaulin cover.
  4, the impeller assembly and disassembly should be light demolition, stabilization installed light, to avoid distortion damage.
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