Universal grinder knife mill dregs made ​​from Advanced Micro Devices, tea powder
Universal grinder activities gear and fixed gear see the relative motion, the material being crushed by the teeth impact, friction and material to each other the impact of the combined effects of crush. The machine structure is simple, sturdy, stable operation, crushed well being crushed material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber, the grain size of the network through the switch to a different aperture sieve to obtain the other machine made of stainless steel. Casing inner wall all by machining to achieve a smooth surface, changing the previous models of the inner wall is rough, the phenomenon of accumulated powder, medicines, food, chemical production more in line with national standards, to meet the requirements of the GMP.
  Universal grinder is applicable in pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, food, construction and other industries. Hard and difficult to crush materials processing, including crushing, plastic, copper, herbal medicine, rubber, etc. can also be used as micro-mill, knife mill processing equipment before the procedure. It set the powder room to a fully enclosed muffler structure, can effectively reduce noise. Deposit and cooling device of the machine are installed, the machine temperature to reduce work more smoothly, the mechanical and electrical machine speed 5000 r / min. This machine adopts the Icr18Ni9Ti stainless steel materials, Wear and corrosion resistance characteristics suitable for processing high-level and corrosive materials. This machine adopts the impact crusher, the material into the crushing chamber, the six activities are high-speed rotary hammer impact, the ring gear and materials collide and grinding the material was crushed in the help of airflow through the sieve into the Sheng powder bags, without leaving any residue. With high efficiency, low noise performance and product quality is reliable, safe operation, drug, health and loss of small advantages.
  Universal grinder materials sent to the grinding chamber by the feed hopper, shear crushed by the impact of the blade and knife, rotary knife and fixed knife at the same time, due to the centrifugal force, the material automatically flow from the exit.
  Note: Due to the material difference, so the yield differences.
  Tea contains a large number of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, alkaloids, polyphenols and other organic and inorganic elements needed by the body, a highly efficient anti-aging, anti-radiation, to eliminate excess free radicals in the body fat to lose weight, lower blood sugar, lipids and cholesterol in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and inhibition of tumor and other health care and pharmaceutical functions, tea from the content of the composition tops the list of tea polyphenols.
  Zhang Bingwen associate professor of the Nutrition Society, Vice Secretary-General of Shandong Province, Jinan University Department of Food Science, polyphenols, also known as tea tannin or tea tannin, is a general term for a class of polyhydroxy phenolic compounds contained in tea (referred to as TP), has a strong antioxidant capacity, is most useful as a tea in the human body substances.
  In general, tea differ according to the different types of tea polyphenols content. General analysis, a higher content of polyphenols in green tea than oolong tea, oolong tea than black tea; measured from cooked tea season, summer and autumn production of tea, the tea polyphenol content is higher than the production of spring tea; from tea state point of view, the content of the fresh tea polyphenols higher than the finished tea. But overall, the polyphenols in tea contains many active material composition ratio of 18% to 35% ranks first in its content and health care functions become support tea beverage king of the reputation of the main Army.
  Zhangbing Wen said, although the tea has significant health benefits, but the way of people's daily tea brewing habits, processing of tea, may result in the loss of varying degrees of active ingredient in tea, health benefits greatly reduced. This depends on the community in the promotion of the tea while the tea culture is respected, allow consumers to learn science of tea. In addition, tea processing, to actively promote and publicize some of the advanced science and technology, to minimize the loss of the polyphenols and other material components in the processing and manufacture of tea finished, so as not to "live up" of tea polyphenols on human kindness .
  Ultrafine grinding technology use in the natural plant resources in-depth research, the traditional method of boiling water can not be tea all the nutrients for the body to absorb insoluble or sparingly soluble ingredients is still retained in tea leaves has been drained. If the tea ultrafine grinding, made from Advanced Micro Devices, tea powder, water to drink or added to some foods, utilization and efficacy of its active ingredients to be higher than the direct brew bubble drink much
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