The advantages and disadvantages of the analytical vacuum dryer is more conducive to its development
Vacuum Dryer has many advantages: low pressure dry oxygen content is low, to prevent the oxidative deterioration of the dry material can be dry and inflammable and explosive dangerous goods; so that the vaporization of moisture in the material at low temperature, easy to dry heat sensitive materials; capable of recovering the valuable and useful ingredients; be dried materials can prevent the emission of dry materials, toxic and hazardous substances can be environmentally friendly types of "green" dry. Therefore, the increasingly widespread application of vacuum dryer.
  The main drawback of the vacuum dryer is need for a pumping steam vacuum system, making the investment in equipment costs, high operating costs; low efficiency of equipment, production of small. To overcome these shortcomings, many technology workers, to make a lot of effort. Also, because the vacuum drying has many advantages, some products had to use a vacuum dryer. Therefore, the development of the vacuum dryer promising. At home and abroad Continuous Vacuum Dryer uneven development to improve the production of equipment to ensure product quality, abroad a decade ago to develop a variety of continuous-type vacuum dryer. However, at home by the technical level and awareness of the concept of the restrictions, the development is relatively slow.
  Some views of the development of vacuum dryer
  1) Innovation is the fundamental way of development Vacuum Dryer
  Vacuum Dryer development is slow, there is one important reason is that each other imitation, hovering in the same technical level, the lack of innovation. Imitation ability, speed, and innovative ideas, and a small investment. Energy on the competition to grab market, Latin American, the price warfare. The better practice in terms of quality and after-sales service, and some effort. None of these is the development of the vacuum dryer a good way to be devoted to the human, material and financial resources to be innovative.
  2) Energy conservation is the key to the development of vacuum dryer
  The energy shortage has received worldwide attention, the traditional concept that the vacuum dryer energy consumption, because it needs to increase the vacuum pump. But did not see the same kind of material, dried to the same moisture content, the real energy consumption comparison. In fact, vacuum drying, drying at low temperature in a closed space, energy waste is relatively small. Nevertheless, the vacuum dryer energy-saving is still the key to development. Compared with other types of dryers, vacuum dryer of energy should focus on
  The on the rational design, selection and use of the vacuum system.
  Pumping the vacuum system of steam, not many, there are two main classes, one is directly pumping steam pump, water injection pump, steam jet pumps, water ring pumps and wet Roots pump; other The way to catch water condensation. Are two ways to higher energy consumption than the former type of energy-saving direction should be to increase the pumping efficiency of the pump; the direction of the latter type of energy-efficient design, such as gas-solid phase change heat structure and thermal efficiency.
  3) Continuous Vacuum Dryer is an important method to improve product yield, energy conservation
  Continuous vacuum dryer cycle type vacuum dryer, the auxiliary less time, saving time and increase production. He does not have to like cycle-type vacuum dryer to produce a cycle, equipment and low temperature changes in time, resulting in part of the energy wasted on repeated heating of the device components. Therefore, saving energy.
  4) vacuum dryer, and other drying method combination is the mode of production should be promoted
  Vacuum dryer combining with other drying methods to improve production efficiency, reduce product cost. For example, vegetables, aquatic products and fruits and other products using vacuum drying can ensure product quality, before vacuum drying, cleaning after blanching, dewatering by centrifuge, and then the cold air drying to remove surface water, and then into the vacuum dryer, it is can achieve significant improve production efficiency, while reducing production costs. Combination of spray and freeze-drying is also a combination of one of the ways. This is similar to
  Combinations, you can experiment to find a variety of, of course, have to spend a certain period of time, energy and money
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