Advantages and characteristics of the rock particles, the difference
Characteristics of the rock particles
  1, the rock particles fuselage is a separate rectangular frame by a bearing, gearboxes, the base three-piece composition. Feeding powder bucket and bearing connection, stretch machine, the base front-end design to reach out, with broad and smooth, so do not need to install, any place indoor use.
  , Particle manufacturing apparatus: the rotating drum lying devices in the hopper below, front and rear bearing supports by rack drive, for inverted rotation. Front end bearing is movable, when disassembly, unscrew the three screws, the first bearing and the rotating drum can turn out. The two ends of the rotating drum symmetric convex coupling, without the inverted restrictions, easy assembly and disassembly.
  3, folder sieve tube: device on both sides of the rotary drum, steel pipe manufacturing, in the middle to open a long trough, both ends of the screen mesh embedded in the tank, turn the hand wheel will screen wrapped in a cylindrical rotating drum, hand round within the block thorn round shore and tightness can be adjusted.
  Gearbox: worm gear speed ratio of 1:30, the box can be stored machine did not, to ensure good lubrication of the gear lever, gear and worm gear to pay and no noise, the worm outer end fitted with eccentric lever to drive the gear lever for reciprocating gear meshing with the gear lever shaft of the movement, that is, for inverted rotary motion.
  5, the machine sat motor: the motor mounting plate and the base unit hinge connection, the other end and nut hinge, when the rotation of the base to get started wheel adjustment screw rotation, the nut is driven by the motor board to adjust V-belt tension.
  Rock particles, machine instructions for use
  Rock particles machine use: start the machine, the mixture was poured into the hopper, squeeze the material through the sieve to the formation of particles by the rotating drum swing role, such as crushed pieces should be gradually added, not to fill, to protect us from pressure is too large, leaving sieve vulnerable.
  , Rock particles, machine Note: pink bucket, such as powder to stop no less, must not be hand to shovel, so as to avoid hand injury accident, the application of bamboo shovel or parking.
  The advantages of the rock particles
  , Rock particles and machine compact appearance, light weight, to be easily moved; easy to operate, no vibration, low noise, both energy saving and security features, especially suitable for use in clinics, Chinese medicine hospital pharmacy crushing, pharmacies, health care products sales counter Valet processing, research institutes, laboratory sample analysis and household food crush; alternative to the traditional pound medicine mortar, work efficiency can be increased by 50 times.
  2, ultra-high-speed motor design, medicinal herbs, crushed fineness (the majority of herbs crushed a fineness of 50-300 mesh); crush a wide range of: March 7, mountain arrowhead, frankincense, myrrh, donkey-hide gelatin, Dodder, the hippocampus, astragalus can good smash.
  3, rock particles, machine speed, grinding time of Chinese medicine is generally not more than three minutes, broken time of not more than 3 seconds.
  4, rock particles, clean, working, not Yang dust, crushed shafts and blades made of stainless steel to create, in line with many traditional Chinese medicine avoid iron requirements.
  5, the basic material without loss, the machine is easy to clean; smash different drugs will not string the color and odor.
  6, rock particles, operating personnel without specialized training.
  7, rock particles machines knot long durable, cost-effective. The blade of Japanese special steel, and the homogeneity of the shaver, crushed 100-200kg Pieces without tool change.
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