Use and maintenance of rock particles, machine vibrating screen
Use and maintenance of rock particles, machine vibrating screen
  A shaker screen box coupling bolts for high strength bolts, not allowed to replace the ordinary bolt, fastening must be checked regularly, at least monthly check. Any one bolt loose, can lead to other bolt cut, causing damage to the screening machine.
  2 rock particles bearing the normal operating temperature should not exceed 75 ℃, the new exciter as a running-in process, it may be temperature slightly higher, but after eight hours after the operation, the temperature should be stabilized, if high temperatures continue to should be down to check.
  3 to replace the V-belt should completely release the motor feet and easily placed on the duct tape round and V-belts are not allowed to use sticks or other objects to pry the V-belt tension force must be suitable for tape round must, in adjust the tension for the first time to run 48 hours, and then re-adjusted once.
  4 high strength bolts, nuts and washers must comply with GB1231-76 "steel with high strength hexagon bolt, large hexagon nuts, plain washers". The torque applied to the connection the following table.
  In order to prevent the welding-induced internal stress, under normal circumstances is not allowed at the scene on the screen box and any auxiliary welding, must be soldered, should be carried out by skilled operators. Recommended the following steps.
  5.1 solder fill cracks in order to prevent crack extension, drill a 6mm diameter hole in each end of the crack.
  5.2 round shovel to shovel out the groove along the crack on both sides.
  5.3 preheated at about 60 ℃, 3mm diameter 506 welding welding, and to prevent any slag and bite of meat.
  5.4 polished both sides of the protruding weld meat.
  5.5 If you need to rock particles, sieve surface on the bracket beam welding, all welds should be parallel to the beam, not the horizontal welding.
  5.6 AC welding screen box should be grounded to prevent current through the bearing, otherwise easily lead to bearing damage.
  6 flame cutting, cutting surface around will produce stress, therefore, it is recommended that any additional holes in the screen box should be drilling process.
  Replace the woven mesh, should be equal gap on both sides of the screen box between the board and screen hook. In order to ensure uniform tension screen surface tension on both sides of the tension plate and hand hammer to gently tap along the total length, check the tension situation. If contact is not good, not enough tension or uneven, is one of the screen an important cause of premature failure.
  Woven mesh screen bracket, equipped with a dedicated buffer sets of strips. Buffer sets of strips in order to ensure that the screen to achieve the longest life, appropriately located between the two, and found the damaged buffer strip should be promptly replaced.
  To appropriate tensioning of rock particles, machine screen, screen hook length must be the length of the tensioning plate.
  10 when the screen surface with segmented screen assembly, the screen need left at one end lap used to extend the amount of not less than 20mm.
  11 demolition of the exciter, refer to Figure 3, from the outside inwards cautious demolition, to avoid artificially damaged parts.
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