Debugging and benefits of the vacuum dryer
Vacuum Dryer How to debug?
  After commissioning is completed in the degree of vacuum can be used for the following:
  a open vacuum dryer to the vacuum chamber power, the power indicator light at this time. Temperature controller power-on self-test, the PV-screen display indoor temperature measurement, the SV-screen display is factory set temperature. RUN and HEAT light, temperature controller, that instrument into the heating state.
  b, modified vacuum dryer set temperature
  1, according to what temperature controller function key (SET), the PV-screen display SP characters available plus key or minus key to modify the set temperature.
  2, after editing, then click the SET button, the PV-screen display ST characters, set a regular time. If you do not use the timer function, you still let ST = 0
  3, and then click the SET button, the PV-screen display studio temperature, the SV-screen display the set temperature. Instrument RUN and HEAT lights, instrument re-enter the heated state.
  C, when studios temperature close to the set temperature, HEAT lights suddenly bright flickered, said heating into the PID regulator, the instrument is sometimes measured temperature exceeds or drops below the set temperature is a normal phenomenon. Measure the temperature close to or equal to the set temperature for another 1-2h studio into the constant temperature, the articles into the drying stage.
  d, the desired temperature is low, can use the second set the way, such as the desired temperature of 70 ° C, the first set once 60 ° C, the temperature overshoot began to fall, and then the second set 70 ℃, so can reduce or even eliminate the temperature overshoot phenomenon, as soon as possible into a constant temperature.
  e items dry after closed vacuum dryer power. If you want to accelerate the cooling, then play open valve to the vacuum level is 0 (Note: to play an open valve inside the high-temperature burns body) .5 minute call out of the box door.
  f, if the humidity of the working chamber of dry matter, water vapor will affect the vacuum pump performance, it is recommended between the oven and vacuum pumps in series with a Dimension ? 120 * 300mm, interface outside diameter ? 16mm dryer.
  g, in the process of dry goods, need to add nitrogen and other inert gases, should be increased by an intake valve.
  Vacuum dryer there is a lot different from the other dryer advantages:
  ■ domestic streamline arc design, the shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate, the surface electrostatic spray;
  ■ This machine is the temperature control system with microcomputer microcontroller technology, temperature control, timing, over-temperature alarm;
  ■ Display for dual high-brightness digital display, the value displayed, superior performance, the touch buttons to set the adjustable parameters;
  ■ The thermostat sensor is the capacitive imported components;
  ■ Imported motor and blades; timing and timing functions;
  ■ liner are made of stainless steel; corners semicircular is easy to clean;
  ■ Vacuum Dryer door completely elastic to any adjustment by the user, the overall shape of the silicone rubber door seals to ensure the high degree of vacuum;
  ■ Vacuum Dryer studio for the rectangular structure, so that the effective volume for maximum door steel, bulletproof double glass door for observation training items allows users to glance;
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