Universal grinder is how to achieve a crushing effect?
   Universal grinder is applicable in pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy, food, construction and other industries. Hard and difficult to crush materials processing, including crushing, plastic, copper, herbal medicine, rubber, etc. can also be used as micro-mill, knife mill processing equipment before the procedure.
  It set the powder room to a fully enclosed muffler structure, can effectively reduce noise. Deposit and cooling device of the machine are installed, the machine temperature to reduce work more smoothly, the mechanical and electrical machine speed 5000 r / min. This machine adopts the Icr18Ni9Ti stainless steel materials, Wear and corrosion resistance characteristics suitable for processing high-level and corrosive materials. This machine adopts the impact crusher, the material into the crushing chamber, the six activities are high-speed rotary hammer impact, the ring gear and materials collide and grinding the material was crushed in the help of airflow through the sieve into the Sheng powder bags, without leaving any residue. With high efficiency, low noise performance and product quality is reliable, safe operation, drug, health and loss of small advantages.
  Universal grinder materials sent to the grinding chamber by the feed hopper, shear crushed by the impact of the blade and knife, rotary knife and fixed knife at the same time, due to the centrifugal force, the material automatically flow from the exit.
  Note: Due to the material difference, so the yield differences.
  Crush is by mechanical force large piece of solid material pieces and the provisions of the fineness of the operation, but with the help of other methods of solid drug crumbled into a fine powder made operating.
  A universal grinder to crush the purpose of:
  1, increase the surface area of ??the drug, promote drug dissolution.
  2, to facilitate and regulate the taking;
  3, increasing the dissolution of the active ingredient;
  4, which will help the preparation of a variety of formulations, such as suspension, powder, tablets, pills, capsules etc..
  Second, universal basic principle of jet milling:
  Objects formed depends on the cohesion between molecules of different hardness and nature of the objects due to the cohesion of the different display, so the crushing process is by means of external force to partially undermine the cohesion between the material elements, to crush the purpose of the process, is about the mechanical energy into into surface energy.
  Smash the difficulty of drug depends largely on the structure and properties of the material, but also closely related to the size of the external forces. Smash all kinds of mechanical action on the external force of the crushed material, the following types: cutting, extrusion, grinding, impact, splitting, tearing, cutting and filing.
  Such as: the brittle drug, mosaic, part of the rhizome parenchyma herbs are easy to crush, rather than crystalline drugs, wood and horny structure of the drug is not easy to crush.
  In order to avoid the crushed powder to re-gather for the increase in surface energy, generally mixed crushed.
  Free smash: the separation of the powder at any time in the process of crushing. By installing a drug screen or blow air.
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