Maintenance and regeneration of the problem of cooling of the rock particles,
Rock particles, the day-to-day operation and precautions
  Make the necessary preparations before the start rock particles in the ordinary course of the production process. First check each device's bearing and seal part of the junction with or without loose, the lubricants of various mechanical components as well as water, wind, slurry pipe valve port, etc. in the desired location. Then connected to the power and check the voltage and instrumentation, the final check of slurry mixing amount and concentration of the pulp of the barrel material, if the problem should be immediately removed.
  Followed by opening of the blower, exhaust fan, and then turn the heat switch to start heating up. When the material outlet temperature reaches the set temperature (usually about 130 ℃), and start the feed pump and dust removal system. When the pump pressure to achieve 2MPa, open the gun to start the granulation. Equipment operation should be observed in the working conditions of atomization conditions and the feed pump, if the phenomenon of blocking guns need to immediately clean or replace the nozzle.
  Rock particles, machine uptime, but also from time to time received material, regularly check the operation of various systems, to record the process parameters, and pay attention to clean up the vibration filter screen.
  Granulation end, it should first shut down the heating device to stop the gas engine is running. Then close the gun valve to replace the gun, unscrew the nozzle and rinse. When the inlet temperature is reduced to below 100 ℃ can stop sending fan and exhaust fan running. Then clean up the drying tower and dust more than expected, close the dust collector and air hammer, and finally shut off the main power supply, the completion of production operations.
  In case of emergency, must be immediately shut down the equipment, you should first shut down the blower and feed pump. Should pull out the gas engine suddenly encountered a power outage, natural cooling tower body, and then open the drain valve to drain the slurry within the slurry pipeline and cleaning equipment.
  Regeneration and cooling of the rock particles,
  Rock particles, the moisture absorption capacity is limited, so it adsorbs moisture by renewable cleared. The process is: when the ambient air is inhaled through a filter into the blower, and then sent to a group of heaters. Heated air through the rock particles machine. When rock particles, the temperature rises, the release of adsorbed moisture. When the hot air to absorb water vapor saturated, it was discharged into the atmosphere. High-temperature regeneration of the rock particles return to dry loop must be cooled in order to restore the moisture absorption function of the rock particles.
  Dew point reading can help find some problems, so should be monitored throughout the drying process in dry air dew point value. The dew point readings in the normal operation of the dryer should be a the 20of ~ 50of the scope of a straight line, of course, the small fluctuations caused by replacement of the rock particles machine is normal. If the dryer is operating normally, the dew point of dry air at the entrance should be at least 30of than the return air at the outlet of the dew point low.
  On the other hand, after the replacement of the rock particles machine, the dew point immediately peaks, indicating that the rock particles, machine placed before the cooling is not sufficient, so that it can not be adsorbed moisture, and cooling the dew point of the rock particles will be reduced to normal standards. If the rock particles, machine cooling properly, will cause the temperature peak, the sudden change in temperature will reduce the desiccant on ionomers, the drying capacity of the amorphous polyester and some heat-sensitive materials such as nylon grades.
  After the replacement of the rock particles machine dewpoint readings normal but in the fast dew point before the end of the drying cycle of the rock particles to rise, the ambient air may enter the closed gas line, causing the rock particles machine prematurely moisture. Another possibility is that the regeneration of rock particles, machine or contaminated. If the dew point readings and return air dewpoint readings close to that angry road completely invalid or desiccant has been seriously polluted.
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