The type of feed, universal grinder is roughly five
The mill is the large size of the solid raw material crushed to the required size of the machinery. Mill by the rough waves, crushing the wind conveyor device, to achieve the purpose of shredders in the form of high-speed impact. The use of wind once into a powder, the abolition of the traditional screening process. The main applications in the mining, building materials, agriculture and other industries.
  A roller universal grinder. A relative rotation of the cylinder a pair of grinding rollers to sawing, grinding feed machinery, with high productivity, low power, easy to adjust, etc., used for the wheat milling industry. In the feed processing industry, are generally used for secondary crushing operations process.
  2, shale, gangue universal splintered the end of two-stage non-grate machine ------ humidity material crushing machine with waste rock, cinder brick factory with material to add, within the fuel; gangue, shale standard bricks, hollow bricks is in line with national policy for the benefit of the major initiatives of the community. But the crushing of these materials, especially in the crushing of the wet material is always a problem plagued the the brickyard normal production. The aircraft is equivalent to two hammer to break into one, a reasonable combination as a whole, the two sets of rotor series.
  3, hammer feed universal grinder. A high-speed rotating hammer to crush the feed machinery. It has a simple structure, versatility, high productivity and the use of safety features.
  (4) the winnowing universal grinder is a small Chinese herbal medicine universal grinder, very light weight, soft, brittle, tough, casual, hard fibrous materials and the processing of proprietary Chinese medicine compound medicine adaptable. wide a wide range.
  Tooth claw feed universal grinder. Is a high-speed rotation of the toothed claw to crush the feed machinery, small size, light weight, fine grain size, product, operating speed advantages.
  When you purchase should be based on the number of job entry day selected models based on the quality of manufacture, sale prices, spare parts availability of the selected specific products. The selection of first visual inspection, final inspection accessories, manuals, certificates are complete.
  Universal grinder is one of the feed mill feed preparation equipment, the reliability of direct universal grinder operation of the production efficiency and subsequent processes of normal operation, maintenance and manipulation of the staff learn to analyze and deal with common faults universal grinder system, be excluded in the short term, to resume production as soon as possible, it becomes do important things.
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