The sequence of operations and the key points of the rock particles,
Uniform the swing particle mechanism of particles in general particle size distribution, uniform wet grain drying. Its main feature is the rotation can be adjusted to the speed of the rotary drum sieve loading and unloading easy, but also appropriate to adjust its tightness. All mechanical drive system enclosed in the body, together with the adjustment system to improve the life of the parts. Into the grain process is direct pressure to the screen made of particles by the drum, the friction of the material on the squeeze pressure of the screen. Easy to produce metal pollution of prescription use of metal mesh, nylon mesh easily damaged to be changed frequently, attention should be in use.
  Rock particles, machine hopper, roller, screen, and mechanical drive system. When it works, mechanical transmission driven drum rotation, seven cross-section shape of a trapezoid "scraper" on the drum, drum close below the screen mesh with a round tube clip clamping. Material from the hopper into a group to join the roller forward and reverse rotation and squeegee the wet material extrusion and shearing. The material is squeezed through the sieve into the grain.
  Rock particles, the machine is running, the cuisine and the screen position of the elastic directly affect the system in the quality of the particles. The feedstock in the hopper and screen clip was loose, the drum rotation can increase the soft material through the screen the number of times, can make the hard particles.
  A. Rock particles, the machine running before the preparatory work:
  (1) clean and dry scraping powder axis into the machine, fitted with scraping the powder axis front-end fixed gland, tighten the nut;
  (2) the volume net shaft mounted to the machine on both ends of the sieve into the long axis tank volume network;
  (3) rotation in roll axis of the handwheel, will screen package on the in Spatulas axis cylindrical;
  (4) Check the engine oil, oil should not be less than the red line of the front side of the oil board, low oil level should be added to the same type of gear oil.
  Two. Switched
  (1) Turn the rock particles, power, open the control switch, observe the functioning of the machine, no abnormal sound, smooth machine Spatulas axis rotation can be put into regular use;
  (2) the material evenly poured into the hopper, according to the nature of materials to control the feed rate to maintain a certain level, the material in the hopper.
  3. Rock particles, the end of the machine operation:
  (1) system of particles is completed, clean up the particles machine and sieve more than expected, and note that the compound I with or without foreign body, added to the particles after appropriate treatment;
  (2) rock particles machine cleaning procedures of rock particles, machine cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Handling Precautions:
  (1) rock particles, Operation should be observed Spatulas axis of rotation, such as low speed or stall should be shut down immediately check;
  (2) rock particles, machine operation or power is not disconnected, prohibited by hand or sharp metal inside the clean-up hopper.
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